buy traffic

  1. John Ignashevich

    ⭐Website\CPA\CPM traffic. Real human android traffic⭐ Test before purchase!⭐Majority of GEOs

    Some questions and answers: Question: - Is this traffic real human traffic? - Yes. And the best proof of this is that I've been handling this traffic for about 2.5 years with many CPA and CPM networks. I am attaching screenshots of conversions\revenue\payments from some CPA\CPM networks. If...
  2. P

    Help me finding this native ads buying platform

    Can anybody tell which native ads platform is this? This is actually a media buying brand, where you can go and buy cheap USA traffic
  3. flashsites

    Trading Traffic Sites

    Hey whats the name of that site that let's you trade traffic for credits? I think you download something and it opens links on the page' I think it stared with the letter 'H'
  4. GringoMonkey

    (JV) Media Buying

    If you have ever wanted to get into media buying, then this is maybe the jv for you. The hardest part is actually making a profit on your media buys. My system does. So I will provide a niche targeted website that is monetized through cpm, cpa and i will collect visitors details to remarket...
  5. Mymusic

    Looking to buy traffic to improve my google ranking.

    Hello guys, Sorry for asking noob questions. But this topic of buying traffic is really attracting me for a long time. I have heard many times that getting more and more real human traffic can improve google ranking. I really don't know if this is a ranking factor but I am very curious and...
  6. praveencqr

    ✌️✌️ - 25% Bonus For Advertisers, $0.003 Minimum CPC, Push Traffic Ad Network ✌️✌️

    Hi, Greetings from CqrPush! CqrPush is a push notifications advertising network. We are looking for advertisers & publishers for our push traffic ad network. Currently, we work on CPC basis for advertisers. Minimum CPC $0.003. Our publishers will get paid on both CPC & CPA basis. You will get...
  7. shags38

    [ADVICE] I NEED PAID TRAFFIC !! Niche Targeted Traffic - Suggestions?

    I have an eCommerce site (jewelry) that is lingering at # 5 in SERPs and with everything else fine tuned what appears to be holding it back is a lack of Traffic - so I need to BUY Traffic. It has taken big step for me to admit that, but I have finally come to the realization that organic traffic...
  8. letuvis

    Buy traffic safe in 2019?

    Hey! I am here with another question. Is it still safe to buy traffic from specific companies? The website is Europe based and I've found a provider which offers that specific country traffic to buy. Should I do it? I am in the case where I cannot use any PPC it's illegal to advertise the...
  9. T

    Interested in buying adult/dating traffic

    Hello, I'm thinking to spend some money in promoting adult/dating offers. anyone can help with any good site that sell good premium traffic? Thanks !!
  10. LiquidLeads

    ⚡⚡ - The Ultimate Traffic Panel ⚡⚡ 30+ GEO Locations ★ 14+ Social Refs ★ API

    Real Website Traffic, Targeted and Pure. +Full API Support for mass orders / smm panels RankingViews provides blasting Traffic Results, using 100% Real People from our network of Private Traffic Exchanges. So, what you can find in our panel? - Website WorldWide Traffic - Direct Visits 0.28$...
  11. Mdexed

    how i can make money by buying traffic and send them to any website ?

    hi , so i want some method or websites that i can make money by buying traffic and send them to the website like propellerads or some short link website , and thanx ^^
  12. J

    Movie Streaming site looking to grow. how?

    hey, I'm the owner Movie Streaming site looking to grow. I'm trying to grow the site and looking to purchase high volume REAL HUMAN traffic for low prices (pops style pricing - 0.001~ per unique). Problem is that most pop,cpc networks (adcash,popads, popcash, clicau, plugrush, propellarads...
  13. P

    Need Indian Traffic for my website

    anyone here can give me real indian traffic ? I am asking for real human visitors for form sign ups. Niche : Indian Stock Market ,Indian Mutual Fund, Indian equity market,Stock Market trading in India. Please let me know if anyone can do this for my website ?
  14. C

    The best way to buy traffic for website

    Hey guys what is the best way to buy traffic to get approved in taboola ...etc , besides facebook because it's too expensive Taboola needs more than 500k traffic and i saw in an indian forum that they make any site approved within few days i wonder if i can do that too so i'm asking about the...
  15. beastkay

    Can I buy niche related traffic on BHW instead of running ads?

    yes or no?
  16. T

    i am using crakrevenue smart-link, if i buy popunder traffic from juicy ads will it convert money.

    Hello to everyone, First time to crakrevenue smartlink program. My question is simple that if i buy traffic from adnetworks like jucyads or eroadvertiser, Will it convert. or they will approve my campaign?
  17. A

    Recommended traffic buying sites

    Hello I need to buy traffic for ecommerce and for adult websites (adult toy stores) I would like to hear of good techniques/places to buy traffic from that you already know they deliver. Any tips, hints or information is highly appreciated Thank you
  18. Whateverest

    [FOR SALE] Authority Website - Geeky Gadgets & Gifts (Amazon Affiliate) + Traffic Sources [METHOD]

    Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to run this project anymore, so I'm selling a similar website to a well-known - If you've ever thought that it's time to stop wasting your time with crappy CPA & PPI niches and start a REAL authority website that people...
  19. Tamalkrishna Anyone??

    Has anyone here tried for CPA offers? They seem to send good quality human traffic. What was your experience?
  20. Degen

    Question regarding sending traffic

    So this offer has Allowed Methods: Search, Social, Banners, PPV/CPV, Contextual So this means I can send traffic directly toward the offer right?
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