The Ultimate Trial by Fire - Evicted unless I utilize everything I've studied. Help?...

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    Hey fellow BHW friends. I'm so sorry myfirst post on these boards is such a selfish one but I'm on arollercoaster right now and I don't have a choice but to turn to youfor advice. To start, a little background about myself. I'm anamateur IMer, SEOptimizer, Wordpress builder, Backlink builder,etc... basically a jack of all trades in the most amateur sense ofthe word. I've been struggling financially for the past couple ofmonths which led me to this board and profession in the first place.For the past 3 months, everyday, all I would do is go to work andthen sit down and absorb everything that I can from these forums,WSOs and whatever else google would reveal to me... And well... I'vecome to a rather ugly situation.

    See my rent is about doubleof what I expected it to be, about $1200 more than what I expectedthrough some unfortunate turn of events, and I have about 4 days toremedy this situation. I feel like I have no choice but to put intoaction everything that I've learned in what will surely be theultimate trial by fire. If I don't suceed, I will lose everything.I've set up a basic gameplan tonight and will be hustling for thenext couple of days. It's nothing major or complicated, but pleaseany and all input would be fantastic.


    Forthe past couple of hours I've been using Easy Lead Finder to scrapeevery local business niche I can think of for phone numbers and emailaddresses. I plan on cold calling each and every one and offering myservices as a website builder and search engine optimizer. My pitchis a full fledged SEO service where I launch moderate backlinkingcampaigns for a month through my own custom designed pyrawheel (whichis untested but is the merging of a couple of the best structuresI've seen advertised by other BHW member. AKA it's completelyexperimental but research says it should be powerful)

    Ialso plan on including google places optimization, of which I'm muchmore unfamiliar with, but have a blueprint from a well known WSO thatshould give me enough knowledge to actually provide halfway decentresults.

    I'llalso craft an entire social network presence, including facebook,twitter, (not sure what else) profiles where customers can interactwith businesses and strengthen relationships.

    Andif the business wants it, a complete professional wordpress site ofwhich I still have no idea what template to use but I know for a factBHW has recommended many over the years.

    Idon't know how many phonecalls I'll be able to get to, but I need toclose about 14 different clients.

    Anddid I mention I'm going to do all of this for $100? The setup forthis type of operation is atleast 5x what normal providers charge,atleast I believe it is. If not, what else can I offer that would betempting?

    My Pitch
    Open? Hey there _______, my name is _______ and I'm so sorry tointerrupt your day. I'm a marketing student over at ___ Universityand I'm a bit of a specialist when it comes to managing the onlinepresence of businesses. I make sure your website ranks at the topwhen someone searches for (niche) (city). I'm in a bit of a bind atthe moment and I was wondering if I could help your (practice |Business | shop ) out by offering my services at a deeply discountedrate. I will build you a website with your own .com / .net / .orgaddress and optimize it so that whenever someone searches for your(niche) your name will be the first to pop up.

    Details? This is an extensive project of which other experts in the fieldcharge $400 and up for, but I'm willing to do all of this for $100out of sheer necessity. I can't guarantee the world, but with time Ican build your website up so that more potential customers will seeit, and you will absolutely have more customers coming in. After allabout 75% of people search for reviews on a business before evermaking a choice of coming in or shopping there....

    Thisis where I'm lost. Actually I'm lost all over the place. Anyone withpitch experience please help me. I know a transcript will only go sofar, but atleast knowing what points to cover and what I can expectin terms of questions / response would ease my racing heart a bit.

    Alsohow do I convey such a large amount of services in one phone call?

    What types of niche businesses are the best to target? I've got thecommon dentist, florist, lawyer, mechanic numbers lined up, but therehas to be a business that isn't saturated by as many SEO experts butis still in need of a solid online plan.

    I'mhorrible on the phone, but in this tight spot I will suck it up andmask my awkwardness. The problem is I don't exactly know what to sayor how the conversation will go. Are there any guides or tips thatyou guys can offer in terms of closing such a deal?

    Also,with a close, how would I proceed? Would I have the client sign acontract? Should it be in person or an e-contract? Again my browsingof BHW has shown me methods to use both but what is the norm for thissituation?

    Also,what kind of information and updates should I provide to the client?Weekly reports?

    Onemore. If I nab someone interested I plan on sending them a pdf Ifound on BHW consisting of some basic statistics regarding websitesand their search engine rankings (How many customers they canpotentially see, how many people use google to review a businessetc...) But how should I structure my services within this document?Have a background info section and a services provided section?

    Idon't want to know if this is feasible because it has to be done,there isn't an option for it not to be. And I know this is a laundrylist of assistance I'm seeking, but I will update back with all of myprogress and resources as this adventure continues into the next fewdays. I'm sure such a report would be useful to someone out there.

    Soif you've ever had some ideas or experiments in mind, nows the timeto let me test them for you. I will try anything you suggest.

    Andagain... Thank you for all the help you guys have already provided inmy journey to this place. I will have many more thanks to give ifthis plan somehow comes together. If anything, wish me luck.
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    I like your game plan but if all you have is 4 days, I would look to earn elsewhere or at least get help somewhere else.

    The issue you will come across is you won't close the deal over the phone in 4 days. The only advise I can give you is to generate a face to face meeting with whoever you are calling. This will at least get you a 1 on 1 with the owner and go over all the details and to hopefully walk out with a check in hand. If you give all the details you have stated in 1 call, you will be burned out fast and the person on the other end listening won't hear past the third word.

    I wish you the best of luck.
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    One quick suggestion about your sales pitch: Instead of apologizing for interrupting their day, maybe try something like "I know you aren't expecting my call, but I'm hoping that you can take a minute to hear how I can increase the number of customers that come through your door.".

    Also, be careful about promising #1 SEO placement. As long as you can generate results (increase traffic for the company), you are providing a service that most owners would want. Good luck!
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    hey guy, hope you're doing well.

    If you come across as "I'm a student who does it out of nescessity.", they'll take pity on you, but they won't respect you (in my experience!).

    Don't send e-mails, it's a ploy to get you off the phone. Read your script several times to yourself to make sure you don't get tongue-tied.
    Write out possible rebuttals.

    I'm still learning the ropes but others on the forum will probably be able to help you much more...
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    No! You want to come across as an ESTABLISHED business professional, who is an expert at what he/she does. Not a "marketing student".

    But 4 days... to come up with $1200? You will need a bit of luck, so good luck. But why don't you consider borrowing as well?
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    Yeah, you should stop with the poor college routine.

    This is the hard truth, I'm not trying to be a dick.

    If you say that you are a professional, and prove to them in your words, then they will not only respect you more but be more likely to pay for your services.
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    First thing you need to know is always promise big it's what people like to here, Don't tell people your an amateur.

    Start a thread on BHW offering Extremely cheap services as you desperately need the money and see what happens..
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    Heres 2 pence; UNDERSTAND your potential clients. Builders will expect one thing, Law firms will expect another.

    BUT.. go for it :)
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    [h=2]Maybe this thread can help with you needs. I have been initiating the required actions with some promising results. However, in your position the pressure is immense and crippling. You mention using ELF. Good. I can only suggest you read this WSO and possibly buy and use the owners email for more rapid advancement. Otherwise..... I don't know what you can do except write and sell articles or work at the pay 4 work companies in your neighborhood.

    [GET] $500 Per Day In 2 Hours With FREE Solo Ads! [/h]
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    Dont know how this worked out for the OP ( I hope it did!) but wanted to add this is doable.

    Key things to add are:
    1. When you get someone on the phone ask if you are calling at a good time, if not ask when you can call back. If you are calling small business esp retail, cafes etc. you are quite likely not to get the owner so ask when is a good time to reach the owner or ask for the owners phone number
    2. If other small business, ask for marketing person
    3. You need a price point that is not absurdly low - I would ask for 500 usd. Its low enough not to require major sign off but high enough to be credible. You can always offer delayed payment (try before you buy - they pay 100 then pay the additional 400 once they are happy with results)
    4 Nthing everyone who said DONT say you are student.
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    Very wishful thinking. I think you need to face reality.
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    Project Manager/Business Development Manager
    I really hoped this worked out for the OP. Making that much in a short amount of time is really difficult.

    While I like the Gameplan in a broad sense, there were definitely ways to improve and the pricing sucked but he was under duress so I *suppose* it was understandable. I was going to suggest that the OP should of ensured that the client pays for hosting if they needed a new site, and use a HostGator affiliate code to nab an extra payday down the road.
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    I think you can make it work, although you are killing off any chances of scoring sales because of your prices. If someone called me saying I'll manage your whole online presence for $100, I'd laugh and hang up the phone. It would instantly set off alarm bells.

    You would be much better off cold calling all day and going for 4 clients at $500 each. You'd also have a much easier time managing 4 clients, rather than 14.

    You need to come across as someone that knows what they are doing, and will bring them more customers. Don't say your a college student, because business owners don't want to worry abut whether you're doing a good job or not. They want to feel secure under your services.