cold calling

  1. K

    Where can I find long-term person for cold calling?

    Hello, I'm looking for a person with good English skills and some knowledge of sales. It is not one-task job, I'm looking for somebody, who want to work with me on long-term basis. Person can be from any country, most important is good English skills and some knowledge in sales. Any advice...
  2. J

    VoiceMail Drops for free

    Hey guys. are there any apps, online services etc that allow you to do voicemail drops for free? Don't even need a service, just a way to do it manually would help already!
  3. SOCOM

    ❤️ How to Get SEO & Web Development Clients in 20 Different Ways [10 SLOTS for v1] ❤️

    Do you have an agency and you’re constantly looking up how to get SEO clients or how to get clients for web design? You might just be in luck. Right here is a comprehensive video course that will show you different ways that I have used and learned to find SEO clients. I want to be upfront...
  4. opscurus

    Easiest physical product / software to sell to businesses via cold calling?

    Hey guys, so I'm planning to cold call businesses, and currently looking for something that is proven to sell. I know there are a lot of things I could sell, but I'm looking for something that is sellable, for example selling regular pens and paper is not a good idea, I'm looking for better...
  5. Nash33d

    Cheapest Cold Calling Solution for International Calls

    Hey BHW, I'm a brazilian PPC manager and I want to use cold calling as a form of client acquisition, what is the best/cheapest software set-up that I can do to call local business owners with a local(US) phone number? I came across a method using Twilio + GoHighLevel, but these are extremely...
  6. B

    Mass Voice Mail/ Calling software?

    Happy Saturday! Do you guys have any suggestions for a good mass voice mail software / calling software? I have 1000 phone numbers of potential clients and want to start cold calling but don't want to dial numbers 1000 times. Any suggestions?
  7. dewdrop83

    Cold Calling for Digital Marketing

    I am constantly trying to reach Local businesses in US to sell Digital Marketing services but failed miserably in receiving responses from the email I sent to them. It seems emails are ignored most of the time. Now I have decided to reach business owners via Cold Calling. I've watched some...
  8. RonyKing247

    [Question] Is there Anything Like Grey/Blackhat Cold Calling?

    Guys, As the subject implies i'd like to know for education sake if there is anything like greyhat or blackhat cold calling. I know there sae blackkhat Affiliate marketing and all that. I have a feeling there might be blackhat cold calling, well i might e Im not actually on that line...
  9. hackgrowth

    [TIP] Cold Calling Much?

    I recently got asked about why cold calling was even necessary, and obviously the person has not much success with cold calling. It eventually became a long message over PM so I thought I'd share it here. The context for this was that they were starting out on building an agency and wanted to...
  10. RenegadeX

    Six Figure Agency Domination - Generate shit tons of $$$ from agency clients anywhere in the world

    No Nonsense Guide To Generating Shit Tons of $$$ With An Agency Selling $X,XXX P/M SEO Services For those of you who use BHW White Edition, switch to the black version for this thread. You won't regret it. OK guys and gals, listen up. I'll say it once, and once only. If you have ever wanted...
  11. slickbrick

    [Linkedin] Sales Navigator Alternative, Anyone?

    I was looking for a great lead generation tool to do some direct outreach in September but noticed that now the Sales Navigator is at 800€... So I'd like to stay away from it from now. I'm not sure it's worth the price for me at the moment. Do you know any good alternative? (Even if it's out...
  12. RenegadeX

    My $1,000 per month recurring revenue model - Beginner friendly

    $1,000 per month recurring revenue I was keeping this method close to my chest for the last month or so but decided to reveal it to my black hat family because this place has provided value for the last 5 years for me. There's a lot of BS on this forum now, with spam, questions like how do I...
  13. XkcdHatGuy

    Journey to $100 per day with Google Maps

    DAY : 0 :) Sorry for my horrible english :p So i posted a journey thread 2 days ago and i got replies from people telling they can do the service and i replied saying i'm ready to do it. Due to that my thread was deleted and i have some problem with the account. So i am reposting that thread...
  14. looking1xformarketing5517

    Cold calling and cold emailing

    We are looking to cold email some potential investors. We dont want to send out spam emails and never write back. We are willing to really write with them, answer questions, and try to sell them our product. We would try it over normal emails, facebook, telegram and other channels. Has anyone...
  15. M

    I cold call infosec buyers, have them speak to my CEO..

    I call 100 numbers per day using DiscoverOrg, not trying to sell anything directly, but to simply get a IT Security person who makes purchasing decisions , to accept a calendar invite to speak with my Boss for 10-20 mins anytime later when available.(a few days from then, 2 weeks, whenever)...
  16. Major_Tso

    Web Design Cold Calling and Cold Emailing Journey

    Intro(Why I'm Leaving My Last Journey) Hey guys, you can see I've been trolled a bit in the lounge for asking about guru courses. So, I've confirmed there aren't shortcuts. That's fine haha. Now, I've gotten a quite a few jobs on Textbroker. But, I don't care to do the most crowded thing on the...
  17. plasmeus

    Back in it | ORM 2017

    So I have been out of this for a while but with all the SMMA stuff and ecomm showing up I think it is a good time for ORM and Social Media Management services. I am going to start by scraping local businesses with bad listing on gmaps and yelp advertised listings. Any advice on finding...
  18. MakeGreenM8

    A Simple Three Part Breakdown of Cold Calling(Plus a Bonus Part)

    Read if You Sell to Businesses If you're anything like me, you're here to learn the reality of what gives you the best odds of succeeding. You don't want to live like a content sheep like the rest of your peers. If they want to measure their life by the pile of used tissues next to their...
  19. Abudence

    Do you use cold calling?

    My niche: Web design, full website creation, and local seo. Campaign: Give short script for telemarketer to use and target areas within USA I've been hiring Fiverr sellers for cold calling and was wondering if I should stop this at once or keep going. I've received a few leads back with my...
  20. giraffewarrior

    60 Day Journey to $10,000 from nothing but COLD CALLING [Full-Time IM]

    Hey guys, I've been in the IM game for about a year now. IM skills are powerful and can provide immense value; I'm sure many of you all feel the same way! This is my JOURNEY from hitting my goal of making $10,000 in 60 days from NOTHING but leads generated from COLD CALLING. --------[2 months...
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