The Easiest and Quickest $100 A Day I Know

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Rewriting fast articles with Dragon Naturally Speaking is also nice to get unique articles for article directories, so Backlinks.

Just search for a article from somewhere different then E zine, submit it there, and rewrite it again for some different big article directory.

Yes, that's definitely one of the things I had thought about when reading/thinking about this. Even if you don't want to write and submit articles to AC, you can use the DNS software to pump out niche articles to submit for backlinks.

Do they pay for wri*ting ar*ticle or no. of views?
Seriously, did you read the thread? :( You can submit exclusive content for an upfront payment, and they will respond back with how much they'll pay you for it (although it seems like it takes a week or so). Once published, the article will also earn money for the number of views it gets.
This is a great idea..I think I'll try it
I have an idea about creating unique content (for non US)
buy a niche magazine (cost me $1/ magazine) in your area and then translate it to English...can't wait to try it..let see if it will work
just wanted to say thanks again for starting this thread. I just received my first payment and notification of offers on other articles I submitted so I am thrilled!
I am actually not using DNS, nor am I using article spinners or anything like that, just writing my own material or turning short plr articles in more indepth stuff or translating and really pleased with the training I am getting in both typing and writing skills and getting some money with it at the same time!
How do you know how much it will sell for?

Do you have to wait until the article is approved or what.

and once you put an article up, how many times can it be brought?

i think this thread should be is great for newbies and even experts, extra source of income :) pays but you need to write unique content. I find it harder to spin somebodies article than to write one myself.
can anyone pl. give me the serial for dns software or tell me how can i find it?.I have downloaded using rapidshare links.but whats the serial?
pl. help.
Thanks for the guide panther. Textbroker only pays for new articles Lazarus, which is unfortunate unless you are getting 6.70 per 100 words. Any lower quality level, for example, quality level three at 2.00 per 100 words is a rotten deal.

I found that I could write unique articles including research from scratch (professional quality) for a brand new niche site at about 22 minutes each starting out.
Then I created articles out of each niche page in about 13 minutes each. (I can probably get faster at this) I am still working hard not to include too much information, which is hard to avoid.

Most PLR articles are of such inferior quality that it takes me about 15 minutes to rewrite them anyway, and it is not my best work.

You know I am thinking Associated Content is actually ripping people off.

Here is an example of the highest quality level on text broker:

"Home to humans since 3000 BC and commercially settled by the Spanish in 1776, the "Bay Area", as it is called by locals, has an amazingly colorful history."

I am still waiting to see what AC pays out, but writing articles from scratch for 4$ a pop for AC if you are "professional" level is retarded. Of course if you can write articles on fluff in five minutes and get 4-5$ good on you. I am better at writing quality informative articles, which take more time.

Good for practicing and to build up experience for sure.

This is why I had the idea of writing original articles and using them for article marketing on your site, then spin them using power article rewriter a couple times and submit them to AC.

I am also not too keen on Constant Content although the prices are high, as the site doesn't seem to get much action.

Regarding the question on Dragon, I don't have a working serial. Delete ISUSPM and SSKGB update (sp?) as well as Agent.exe. Do a search both in your files, registry, and disable them on MSCONFIG, or your version will freeze upon internet startup. I just hit activate automatically, and it starts up fine.
Turn your internet off while installing.

I downloaded mine from a torr3nt. Really I can type faster than Dragon Naturally speaking writes what I am saying. So the program really doesn't help...

Just use Wordflood 2.0 to flip some ish in a article.

DRAGON NATURALLY SPEAKING 9.0 CD KEY (This one does not use authentification):


My advice...get utorr3nt and download a virus free version from minin0va
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this thread going to get 20,000 views soon...lets hope the moderator can get this thread STICKY....will help newcomers or even experts to earn more money..
Ok, if you guys downloaded the rapidshare files i put up for DNS then you need to load it on a virtual drive or burn it on a dvd. Then, the keygen is in the EDGE folder. If you can't figure it out from here then let me know....But, seriously, you need to learn the basics before you try advanced stuff like seo or blackhat methods.
Why hasn't this thread been stickied yet? Its enormously useful just look at how many times I've been thanked lol. Mods are slackin on the job.
i hope more members here can actually post their got paid results in this thread and motivate others who had not yet join least another source of extra income....
I've been publishing about 4-5 articles a day on AC. It's been a week and I'm just starting to see the money. Average payout per article for me is around $4.25. Lowest was $4.00. Highest was $4.65.
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