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Nov 17, 2007

This is kinda my first thread on money making methods but due to the spate of the unworking or crappy methods in the this section lately, I thought I'd produce something of quality thats guaranteed to work and make noobs some nice money.

In truth its not really that black hat, and if you don't mind writing articles its great income.

I call this my "Lazy Writers" method. In a moment you'll see why.:) I use this method to supplement my income and pay the bills when I'm in some tough times. They pay pretty quick so its like my own personal cash advance system LOL. Except I don't have to pay it back.

What we are going to be doing is basically finding other peoples articles that are at least 450 words, and rewriting them using what I believe to be the best article re-writing software out there: A voice recognition program. Then we get paid for every article 3 times a week. Screw "net 30" terms crap, screw waiting. When I need money I like it on at least a weekly basis.

Step One

First go to and sign up for an account, you can use your a fake handle if you want to remain anonymous, it doesn't really matter.

Step Two

After signing up you need some good software to make this work because we ofcourse are not going to write articles the hard way (by hand).

The best software out there and the one that I use is "dragon naturally speaking". You can either buy it yourself for $99 or download it off a torrent. Just google "dragon naturally speaking torrent" or go to piratebay and type it in the search field.

It took me about a day to download it off my connection cuz its a big file. So keep that in mind.

Step Three

After we have our software and its setup simply go to ezine articles to find quality articles and choose a topic. What I like to do it choose 4 niche topics, find 5 good articles in each topic and put them in a little notepad file.
That way I have them all ready and organized. I like to do 15-20 articles a day, netting me about $80-140 dollars a day because they usually pay you about 5-7 bucks per article so it adds up.

Step Four

Fire up your voice recognition software and bring up a blank notepad file. What you are gonna do is re-write the article in your own words quickly. DON'T worry if you make mistakes, It'll slow you down. You'll correct them later, just speak whatever comes to mind. Doing this its taken me about 3-5 minutes to rewrite a 500 word article. I can churn out 15-20 of these in under an hour. After you have like 20 articles just proofread them all and submit them to AC.


The conclusion: awesomeness. For about 2 hours of work everyday you can make a nice little full-time income doing this alone. The key is "speak" everything as fast as possible and create as many articles in a short time as possible. You'll really get the hang of it after a while.

Thats it guys. Its really simple. It works. If you ever need money, don't fall for that other crap, this is a tried and true way to help pay the bills. Just do this and you'll have enough money to invest into other methods and make more money for yourself. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Would appreciate a little thanks for my time.:tee:
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of the 20 or so articles you submit a day, how many of them get you an upfront payment from associated content?

I think as long as you keep them over 400 words and make sure they don't have any errors or grammatical mistakes you should have about a 90% acceptance rate give or take. Some articles are just too plentiful so they won't pay upfront for them but follow that simple guideline and most will be accepted.

Also try to make the titles catchy. Like "How to Train Your Dog To Do Tricks in 5 Days or Less" or some such title like that.
I've been there, I did it and it works.

I already knew this way to get articles fast (I type with 2 fingers and not that fast).

Only prob for me is that I have to stay below 600 bucks a year since I'm not realy an american...otherwise I still would be chatting into dragon today.

@procrastinator: yes, you need a mic.
Yes, I forgot to say that. You'll also need a mic if you want to use this method.

I have a little one one my laptop pre-installed, alot of newer computers and laptops come with pre-installed microphones.

If not just get one for like $15 bucks, they are not that expensive. You'll make it back literally in a day anyway.
thanks for the method and the voice software tip. this can also be used for article marketing cpa and clickbank. think I will give it a go over the weekend.
Nice...I'm still writing articles for income when I want to start another project...

For me, the latest one was cookie stuffing and that's getting more and more expensive - to setup extra EPN accounts at least. I'm already in the 'black' with cs'ing but more money is always good...
I have done this as well, I did not submit to Associated Content, but rather used the content for my own sites/blogs. Dragon Naturally Speaking works great once you get the hang of it, and once the software adapts to your speech patterns.
I take a little more time to speak my article, but the software consistently gives me 95+ % accuracy. I am using version 9, but I think they just released version 10.

I am going to give the AC method a shot - Thanks for the info !
this is a great method for a newb like myself. I actually have voice recognition software going to give this a go straight away. Thanks
Can you also purchase content from AC? Their site is confusing, I know you can submit published content but I am looking to purchase content as well.
I am not a native speaker, but I have other skill - I write up to 99 words per minute. I will definately try this method when I will need some quick cash.
Damn, I just found it is for US citizens only. Any methods to go around this?? Any other similar sites for europeans?
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