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Problems with dragon speaking. i have headphone with a microphone attached to it.

1. Anyway i download all files and press setup and i enter the serial that works fine.

2.Anyway after it has finished loading i presses the icon on desktop to create user and click desktop array microphone plugged into line in jack (which i think means the headphones with mic attached) click next now and get a messages say text to test mic and nothing happens and i get message saying volume is to low

3. also i have already plugged in the headphone with mic attached to it.
4. what did you guys do when it asked you to register

and did any of you do this "6. Use MSCONFIG.exe to deactivate SSBkgdupdate and ISUSPM at windows startup (prevents regular registration nags and activation key blocking via online check)"

can someone help me get my dragon speaking working for me.

Also as well as submitting your article to a.c has anyone tried or got paid submitting a article to:

lol....why dont OUTSOUCRE to other writers ??;)

The quality must be outstanding to outsource your work to AC and no writer's going to write for the low rate they pay you.

I thought it was a simply brilliant idea then I had no idea how their payment system worked and I still don't understand. I'm guessing they base their payment off keyword/keyword density/niche/topic/grammar and what not, then again.. I have no idea.

In order to outsource this successfully, you need to have someone who writers very well for very cheap. If you have a little sibling.. make them do it :D
This is what I did for 5 articles I tested out and got 3-4 a piece for them.

Simply go to Ezines and look at the latest published articles. I just took 5 of those and re-worded them in my own words (Even though AC says not to re-word other published works). If there is one place to check for decent Articles that will get approved and to know for sure they'll get approved by AC... just check Ezines.

I'm not honestly too sure if AC approves of the IM niche yet though so I've kinda strayed away from that area.. but if I find out they do approve articles in this niche.. I could write for days without stopping :)
GoArticles, SearchWarp, ArticleCity, the list could go on and on and on, but I only use Ezines as an example, not something to live by.

I can write a 400 word article in the IM niche in less than 3 minutes (No I am not being sarcastic) with proper punctuation and correct grammar structure.

Article Directories are just one easy source you can use to find articles, copy them, and then re-write them in your own words, but I only use the best one as an example because there's actually a process of getting approved and it takes some decent quality content to make the cut.
I put a test on this method last 4 days by writing only one content (it's just a test anyway). But I want to thank the thread's starter. This really work. They pay me $ 1.59 but hey, who cares, it works. Thank you, thank you and thank you! I will post more more content. :D
I put a test on this method last 4 days by writing only one content (it's just a test anyway). But I want to thank the thread's starter. This really work. They pay me $ 1.59 but hey, who cares, it works. Thank you, thank you and thank you! I will post more more content. :D

No problem man:cool2: Good to to see its working and kickin ass for the noobs.

Why has'n this thread been stickied yet? Its got over 18,000 views already lol.
After I clicked signup a blank page comes and i also did not receive the mail?
what m i doing wrong?
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I am writing 4 articles a day for AC and will let you know how i get on.

As a writer i cannot find it in me to spin other peoples crappy material.

But if i start to go hungry - i may have to..

ps. i think Shaqs has really helped newbs to learn how to make some money. Its not a lot but it feels like real business. Thanks Shaqs.

Sticky this baby...

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Rewriting fast articles with Dragon Naturally Speaking is also nice to get unique articles for article directories, so Backlinks.

Just search for a article from somewhere different then E zine, submit it there, and rewrite it again for some different big article directory.

Thx also from me for this brilliant tip, tried before DNSpeaking, but didn't think about to use is the BlackHat way
Now that this is out in the open.. im sure AC is getting flooded with articles. I seem to be only getting like $2 max for my articles, and they cme up with lame excuses. 'too broad' and such. we shall see. oh question, for people that are using MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS, do they check if there is more than one user using the same paypal account? I only have one (that works) so..
I've submitted 2 articles and got approved within a week! Great!
However, it said "pending / unconfirmed" on the payment column, what's going on?
I'm not writing to these people anymore. I'm sure there's others out there. It takes up to 2 weeks just to see if an article will get approved for payment, then it takes a lot longer for them to even publish the articles.

If you want to make $100/Daily with these guys anymore, you're probably going to have to write a hell of a lot more than 20/Daily with their screwed up schedule and plan.
I've got 2 accounts with no problems...

I've submitted nearly 20 articles (I think 18 total) and every one of them has been accepted. The two lowest I've had were paid only close to $1.50, one or two made about $3.80 all the rest were $4.00 or more, I think my highest was $4.63. Either way, they've been accepting all of mine and paying out $4 or more for the most part, usually more.
With all things you have to build up momentum with AC, I write for some other sources that take about a day to approve, but a week to you just keep banging away and before you know it, you're getting paid every week/day...

If you aren't writing on topics that people want to read, you won't get paid much and you won't build any type of reputation on that site that would warrant higher pay status...If you are consistent with high quality articles, that people actually are interested in reading, which would therefore make AC more money, then I don't see why you wouldn't get paid more in the end...

Sure there's no instant gratification, but there seldom is with anything in life...
I gotta go with deth on this.

If you don't stick in there time and time again with consistent quality content - then you will either fall by the wayside or struggle to go nowehere.

It really is true - this is the same in any business - or in fact any walk of life.

After all, garbage in garbage out.

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