The Car Wash Method $1000/Day

Thanks to the OP for sharing this method. It's an awesome method for generating quick cash. I can't wait to join the Jr VIP section.... lol

Great idea!
This is a great method. I wonder if you can rent a parking lot from a owner on CL or something....
wow some great ideas were added on here

this method still works too -- it's hot outside in Arizona though :/
Ok those who are having some guilty feeling doing this...Just give some of the money to a real charity then.
And the one you keep for yourself you consider as running cost. Do you see those charities with big four wheel drives? Think they buy it from their pockets?

Exactly, do this, scale it up and donate the money to charity. Start a non profit and charge an "administrator fee" and then you mak emoney and dont havbe to feel bad
I just thought of something. Where did you get the water hook up? I guess you would need to convince a business to allow you to use their water huh?

It's odd, I don't really see replies from anyone who's actually USED a "charity" car wash. Am I the only one?

1) tywebb: they use companies that have parking lots with landscaping. Lots of landscaping = a hose connection SOMEWHERE, regardless of sprinkler setup. McieDees is the popular one around here

2) I used to use the charity parking lot washes and Man, what a great wash! And for $5! I pulled over almost every time. Auto washes around here are $8 for a water spray and up to $19 for the "Triple Super Fantastic Blue Coral RainX BlowJ" so the $5 was a bargain. Most of the outfits were local school athletics. Used to be a variety of girls and boys of all looks and sizes, then mainly girls of all looks and sizes. There also used to be a smattering of mom and dad-looking types talking to drivers and collecting the money. Local-looking, frumpy folks.

The last several times I've seen a parking lot wash it's been scantily-dressed teens hopping around the side of a road like cheerleaders, with tough guys running the cash and I don't stop anymore. It's just creepy. Short, trim, cute girls while the guys are tall and beefy and wear gold chains. In a real athletics program there are tall and short, ugly and attractive. WTF is this?

That's all to say that IMHO the more straightforward way is the better method. Don't fake a charity or cause. You can make bank giving people $5 car washes but keep it simple, don't over-burden your backstory. The shady ones popping up around here are either protected, connected, or are going to have their heads handed to them by the deputy dawgs. Standing out in public in a riskier pursuit than online dodges
Oh, and another thing or two. . .

You can try using lots in front of empty stores for your car wash. There are a LOT of empty businesses with landscaping and hose connections, you could approach the landlords about using their lots.

But if you're going to hire illegals: businesses rely on schools and charities having insurance to cover injuries, which is why they'd allow that kind of thing in their lots in the first place. If someone gets punted by an SUV in your car wash who's better at running from the cops, you or someone concerned about their immigration status? And are you ready to run for your life and get grabbed by the collar and spread on the ground?

BH to me means sitting home and working an angle, not starring on reality TV.
This is a great idea especially if you need money to fund some of your other online BH ventures...
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