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    This might end up as a long post. Thanks to all the contributors for encouraging me to write this long post for the benefit of the community.

    The second biggest topic discussed among SEOs next to link building is, CONTENT. Where do I get quality content? Are content generators for real? Is Fiverr the last resort for getting native English writers cheaply?

    Love it or hate it, getting an engaging content to the site is going to be a key challenge for any Money site or PBN owner. Average cost for getting a content with 1000 words is $5. I’ve interacted with several money site owners and most of them say that to maintain a healthy outlook in front of Google bots, they’d love to add atleast 5000 words of content every week. That comes to $25 per week.

    Now if you’re just having one site, then $25 might not be a big deal. Many of us won’t take the risk. We prefer to have atleast 3 or more sites to test the strategies, test the niche, test the ad networks etc. so $25x3 = $75/week. This slowly piles up as a challenge. If this is a PPC campaign, we’ll know the results in few hours or days. However, SEO is a game of patience and it really becomes tough for a small scale SEO to afford such a price per week on their sites with the only promise that it will work in the long run.

    This is a big challenge. To overcome this challenge, several tools have been created to try and bridge the gap. Some of them are extremely powerful. Some of them disappoint. So, here’s my thoughts on the top content generators available in the market.

    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the tools mentioned below other than being their Customer. This review is out of personal experience only.

    WORD AI:

    This tool generates content through Artificial Intelligence (Not sure how that is involved) but fairly works based on an algorithm of Spinning and Rearranging words to look like it’s human written. The best part is its ability to push content automatically to the wordpress blog.

    Under the hood, if you carefully examine, this is a content spinner and not a “Generator”. That means, it needs a source to write content. The difference however, when compared to other spinners in the market, is that it recognizes synonyms that makes sense.

    It supports 4 languages – English, Spanish, French and Italian.

    Total price per year - $347

    Additional cost involved based on their API usage

    The quality is OK but not bad. I wouldn’t recommend it using for the main content of the site. In fact I wouldn’t recommend any of the tools discussed here for the main site content.

    Spin Rewriter:

    If you’ve used Word AI, then Spin rewriter would match up to the same way that content gets populated to your blog. “ENL Semantic spinning technology” is being advertised everywhere as the technology that runs spin Rewriter. Now, get under the hood. You’ll know it is almost the same of what the other content spinners do. You are given with Spintax where you may choose the synonyms. With smart mathematics, you are shown that you could generate 1000 or even million variations of same content (by mere spinning). There are options to rearrange sentences etc. To be honest, the content quality could match to Tier 2 or maybe Tier 3.

    It took me 3 months to realize that I cannot afford to use this tool for Tier 1. This tool is used by over 104,000 people and they’ve got some great reviews on their website (hope it is real)

    Total price per year - $197

    Good thing is that you can get unlimited content. So you can really blast your Tier 2 and Tier 3 pages with truckloads of unique content which is a big advantage of buying Spin Rewriter. You can unleash a content blast on any niche and the tool feels comfortable doing that over and over again.

    Spinner Chief:

    Spinner Chief has both Desktop and Web version. Spinner chief promises the same stuff done by the other tools mentioned before but the terms used for their algorithm are Statistical Replacement Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Part of speech analysis, Emulated Natural language method etc.

    Now, it’s a Spinner. Period. It uses thesaurus and you have an option to use their proprietary thesaurus which has parts of speech. Similar to spin Rewriter, Spinner Chief excels when it comes to creating truckloads of content for tier 3.

    The biggest advantage is the pricing. $197 onetime fee or $77 per year

    Okay, now let’s step back a little before continuing our review.

    Artificial Intelligence based content generation is true?

    Artificial Intelligence is certainly not new. It’s been around since 1950. Nowadays, Artificial intelligence is used in all kinds of business applications to make everything from self-driving cars to Super computers like IBM Watson.

    NLG – Natural Language Generation. This process uses data provided to it and converts that into natural language. For example: Financial results, Google analytics data etc. These data points can be fed to the system to generate content.

    Artificial Intelligence is a work in progress and simply put, even billion Dollar companies are hiring top of the line talents to work on the race to build AI based applications.

    AI for content is still in a very nascent stage and it’s good to note that the companies who’ve created the above tools have taken a very small step. However, you need to note that, this is Forced intelligence. These tools cannot create content on their own. These do not use the real AI core. Instead they feed on the article sources and try their best to “Spin” the content in a more convincing manner so that they remain human readable to some extent.

    Now, let’s continue further with our review.

    WPenhance Content Rocket

    Not to be confused with the PLR article generator that goes by the same name,This tool from WPenhance taps into human intelligence unlike the above top rated algorithms. It crawls Youtube for the content of your preference and return the Video as Text format by using Google's automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology. This is a breath of fresh air compared to all the above content spinners because this tool doesn’t spin content nor does it take care about sentence level rearranging words. There are no Spintax as well!! No Synonyms database. No Thesaurus. Just plain and simple Automatic speech Recognition technology created by Google. This opens up the possibility of creating content in 80+ languages using this tool. Simply put, this is a massive advantage to Local SEOs.

    Combine this with Youtube video embedding options, the content has very high probability of getting indexed as well as ranked.

    Everything has a downside. Content rocket is not free from that.

    Content Rocket supports only Wordpress based sites at this point of time. Their developers are releasing the cloud based tool this December which would be a great news for SEOs with sites on developed using other platforms.

    The content churned out by Content Rocket requires minor edits to remove spaces and the like. Even a noob could do those edits.

    Another downside is scalability. If content rocket gets 100,000 users then finding unique videos will be tough. So the early adopters stand to gain the big advantage.

    Except the above short comings, the content quality is human readable and very engaging.

    One time Fee - $77 (unlimited domains), $47 (10 domains) $37 (single domain)

    They are promising free access to their cloud tool for existing customers. The cloud based tool will only list video content that was not used by other users. That’s a good thing to note if you’re worried about duplicate content.


    Now, are these tools going to replace content writers? Definitely not. These tools can never make it to main website content use. Human intelligence is here to stay for now and forever. However, when it comes to the game of Tier 1/Tier 2/Tier 3 content the above tools will have a massive role to play.

    If you would like to play the Quality game then Word AI and Content Rocket will steal the show hands down. When it comes to Quantity then Spin Rewriter is a gem. Spinner chief is cost effective but the quality is not that great when compared to the other tools but if you’d like to generate 50,000 articles to really spam the Niche then Spinner chief will be a good bet.

    I understand every review will receive brick bats as well as roses. I would love to reveal the rankings but that might hurt the followers of the other tools. So it’s best that I leave it to you to decide. The things mentioned above are based on my own experience. I’ve been a customer for all the above companies and my review is not intended to affect your buying decision. IMHO all these tools are a worthy investment for any money making/PBN site because content domination is better than link domination. Local language content could help your local SEO efforts in a big way. Happy content Building!
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    Nice article. Thanks. I used almost everything and i dont see any value out of it. i still outsource my content needs.
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    Thanks. i used wordAI and have to say it works well for tier 2 and 3. will try others.