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    If you can share any insight about the issues below I'd really appreciate it.

    The thing is that I'm planning on being a merchant and selling products on Shopify's website.
    It's very important for me to have a realistic IP address and geo-location from the US (preferably Wyoming or Colorado).
    I've used/bought ExpressVPN (since all of the affiliate sites recommended that) but sometimes when I would type in 'My IP location' in Google it would show that the IP address is from some other location in the US or even worse – Singapore! Additionally sometimes when I would type in 'My Location' into Google the same thing would happen – it would show some different US location or Mexico.
    Why is that? How can this be fixed?

    My plan is to get a new IP VPN provider where my main priority is that it shows a one realistic IP address and geo-location all the time. Should I get a static VPN then?

    For 'Kill switch' I'll make sure to configure the firewall so it blocks the internet connection unless the VPN interface is working.

    I'd like to configure everything correctly so there's no room for mistakes when me or my VA are accessing the Shopify store.

    So my main question is... What is the IP VPN provider you would recommend based on the information explained above?

    I'm really lost and confused and this is such an important part of my business so I really hope you'll be able to share some light on the matter.

    Thank you.