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    Hey all, I've been a member at Black Hat for quite some time and I've read so much from this forum than any other forum; I can tell that this is a very tight-knit community. That being said, I feel kind of bad for not providing any useful content, being that I have been a member for a couple of years and haven't posted once.

    ANYWAYS, I'll get on topic. I created a new gaming YouTube channel about a week ago, and I need a little bit of input on what the best methods to grow my community are (ie active subscribers, views). I've been using FollowLiker on Twitter for a couple days now which has gotten me to 105 followers.

    However, I don't really know if I'm approaching it the right way; I've been stuck on 4 subscribers (lol) since the start of my channel. I definitely know that it's a lot harder to get subscribers on YouTube than it used to be. (My EX girlfriend used TubeToolbox and it worked so well for her)

    I'd appreciate any constructive feedback! Oh, and my YouTube page is DeMiNiX.
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    You should probably find a new niche.. Gaming channels are way too saturated lol unless you play games that are trending, for that, it'll take a bit of research of course
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    everything in this forum is outdated and been done about a thousand times over. most of these methods won't work anymore. the truth is you have to actually pay lots of money for campaigns, designers, domains, hosting.. and hopefully you'll get something out of it.
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    Content is king.

    I took a look at your YouTube channel and TBH it's a lot better that other new gaming channels. When you said you were stuck at 5 subscribers, I assumed you were making YouTube videos for a while. But you only have 6 uploaded videos and your channel is only two weeks old. My main advise would be to
    give it some time and show commitment i.e upload regularly.
    Create a FaceBook Page and link your twitter page to the about page of your channel. I would also keep the
    about page clean and free of expletives.

    It's true that gaming channels are saturated. But you can
    still break in.
    Be interesting, develop a unique style of play/commentary(takes time but one almost always gets better). Edit unnecessary stuff out. Try your best
    not to swear unnecessarily(works for pewdiepie and a few others, not everyone).

    So the theme here is to
    stay at it and try not to give up if and when you think you have failed.

    On more thing, say you have managed to get your subscriber count up to 1k, consider joining a gaming Network. I usually advise against joining MCNs(Multi-Channel networks) but for gaming channels, unfortunately, it's quite important you join one as you might run into copyright issues which may lead to strikes on your account. Do some research before you join a network.

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