Strategies for offline (phone/email) PPC conversion tracking

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    Hey all - I'm building business data reporting for some marketing folk working at an online printing service. They advertise heavily with Adwords, and they want to take their campaigns to the next level, by tracking revenue/keyword to help decisionmaking about investing per keyword.

    I wanted to get your sagely advice/feedback about their setup, and whether it is feasible to track revenue/keyword, given that many of their sales are done over the phone.

    Their setup includes a few Adwords campaigns, Google Analytics, with conversion tracking. The problem is - the conversions covered by Adwords is only accounting for about 25% of the revenues in the past year. I think this is underrepporting, because much of sales goes offline (phone/in person), and because I'm curious whether Adwords in fact is actually missing some conversions. (See attachment to see how I see the situation break down.)

    Do you have any strategies for tracking conversions offline? I need to figure out (a) whether it's worth the time to build out an analytics system that will get them what they want, and (b) what that analytics system would be made up of.

    If we lose clarity of the information, and have a campaign-level report or product-level report instead of keyword-level, I think I'd be able to work with that.

    Let me know if you have any thoughts - thanks.

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