Sourcing for Instagram Money Accounts

Aztec Silver

Jun 1, 2019
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What's going on, yo?

I've got 10 pages that I'm maturing before monetizing (some are affiliate marketing, some are dropshipping -hard to do in 2019, and some are shout out farming) but I'm getting stuck.

I aim to post 3 times a day (2 for some since they're video) and that's 10 accounts. I'm sourcing Google images, DuckDuckGo images, and Pinterest for 25+ posts daily.

The good content that's easily found is drying up. The other day I resorted to page 2 of Google to find a good picture of a man wearing a damn sweater :weep: Anyway, I'd love to know some new ideas of where to look or how to transform Nope content into Dope content.

You can't Dodo every piece of content - Dodo: (verb) blatantly steal content, crop it to shit, and add unnecessary captions throughout. All this while adding mind-numbing transitions and free music to the background. Contributed to social media reposter page The Dodo - but you can try.

TL;DR How can I get more content for Instagram?