So, you want to earn with PPD/Content Locking?

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    I'm going to set this thread up like a Q/A thread to help you guys fix your content locking/PPD/etc campaigns now!

    I make about $100 a day doing just these below tactics and I want to give back to the community with a few golden nuggets of information, but the thing is information won't help you at all if you don't put some action behind it. :cool:

    You can have golden ideas but if you don't put them to use, what use are they? They are worthless without action!!

    The number one question I see everyday is:

    1. How do I get traffic?!?!?!?

    Look around on this site:

    This website lists the #1 websites that have ALL the traffic! Billions of visitors for you to get to your site and to earn you money!

    See how you can spam or message people on those websites and get their attention and always remember targeted traffic (targeted traffic means: Traffic that is interested/wanting what your website has to offer) is a must!

    2. Which site is the best for traffic?

    Try them all! Trust me on it, it'll pay off in the long run!

    3. Which network is the best in terms of EPC, CR, and etc?

    Look at them all and see which one you like the most. Some offer more features then others and some less.

    Be sure to look at a company and see if it has long term plans and goals. Also a great indicator is how strict they are with certain things, they want to cover their backend just so they can stay in business!

    4. Which is better, Keygens (and things of that nature) or just a regular website with a content locker?


    I cannot stress this enough! Do you want to make $3.00 or $300 a day?

    I was in your guy's place when I first started out doing PPD, I did keygens and etc and I found that they don't work!

    They just don't convert like they used to and people refer to them as virus's.

    5. Saturated Niche or un-Saturated?

    Saturated, Saturated, Saturated! I'm probably going to start a flame war by saying this but trust me on it!

    Saturated niches have all the traffic, why do you think its saturated?!?!

    Sure you might hit upon a unsaturated "hot" niche but the chances of that are slim to none.

    The Golden Rule for anything in life, PPD, and everything in between!

    split test everything <- This right there can help you turn $5 a day into $50 in a day.

    You have to keep meticulous records of everything you do/change/edit just so you do know for a fact what you did and how you can later use it in another niche/website.


    I hope I helped someone today and if you keep doing what your doing you'll get burnt out before you know it.

    Do you want $3 a day? or $300? If your not even close to $300 a day change up what your doing now!!

    Feel free to ask any questions you have below and I'll try and answer them as I get the chance to.​