So anyone bought "the new" Stealth Jacker from this guy? Part 2

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Apr 8, 2014
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So i thought this was a democratic forum where you can express yourself freely if you're not breaking the rules.

After BassTrackerBoats closed "my" ( he told me it's not mine) previous thread where i asked other members if they bought anything from shezboy i am now forced to open a new one so that we can keep in touch.

After shezboy replied on the last thread it was imediately closed for the reason " to not become a sales thread" . Sincerely i don't understand why to close a thread that generates a lot of interest just because shezboy replied there. You could delete his messages or at least edit them but not shutting people mouths.

When i wrote to basstrackerboats he replied me with :

" It is not your thread as the content belongs to BHW so let's make that clear. The forum has no political affiliations whether communist, democratic or whatever so that is not something you could have possibly checked. The thread was closed as it made sense to close it and it is OK to have done that.". To this affirmation i could only say that threads does not belong to BHW either , they belong to their creators ( users) at least moral. If we wouldn't exist here BHW will be only a ghost forum.

I don't know why and how much sense it makes to close that thread but a
s i said to you in my message i though in 2018 even on an internet forum even if it's blackhat, people can tell their opinions. And there are not a few who where possible scammed.

I don't want to accuse anyone of anything and if it proves that Shezboy delivered what he's said then it's great and all of my respect to him but until then, i would like to be allowed to speak with other members if they where scammed or not. If you close the thread you only discourage people from talking. It's about users money here and 200 $ it's not cheap for some of the members. That guy didn't used the forum for a very long time ( so someone told him where to post or what) and after that basstrackerboats immediately closed the thread. I don't accuse you of anything i just ask you to let us talk because this is what concerns us , but as i see i am deeply disappointed by your refuse of opening the thread as i asked you.

The truth is that in both worlds ( real or virtual ) even if your seeking the truth you're not being helped but instead you're being stopped , discouraged or denied.

So i ask you publicly ( and in other users names) to not close this new thread so we can talk here. If Shezboy replies again here, then please delete his comments ( he can open a new thread himself ) and allow us to talk.

I like to stand up for what is right and i think it's right that people could communicate if they where scammed or not by other member. It doesn't matter if this was happened here on outside bhw this guy got the emails and all of his possible victims from here so i think at least we could talk about that here!

I kindly ask all the possible scammed users to post here so this will be our new thread instead of this one ( .



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Apr 25, 2011
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So your thread was closed by @BassTrackerBoats and you’ve decided to start a new thread on the same topic: do you think that is wise?

Thread closed.
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