facebook like jacker

  1. cmghostbuster

    So anyone bought "the new" Stealth Jacker from this guy? Part 2

    So i thought this was a democratic forum where you can express yourself freely if you're not breaking the rules. After BassTrackerBoats closed "my" ( he told me it's not mine) previous thread where i asked other members if they bought anything from shezboy i am now forced to open a new one so...
  2. N

    Facebook Like Jacker or Group Jacker?

    Is there any script that is working at the moment?
  3. Mcherch

    Like Jacker

    Any FB like jackers around??
  4. jiriprochazka

    Facebook Like Jacker

    Hey, guys ;) I was using facebooklikejacker and it's not working anymore. It's under maintenance, but I don't know when they will run it again. Do you know about any other well working Facebook Liker Jacker? If yes just PM me please or write it there. Thank you so much, I really appreciate...