facebook like jacking

  1. cmghostbuster

    So anyone bought "the new" Stealth Jacker from this guy? Part 2

    So i thought this was a democratic forum where you can express yourself freely if you're not breaking the rules. After BassTrackerBoats closed "my" ( he told me it's not mine) previous thread where i asked other members if they bought anything from shezboy i am now forced to open a new one so...
  2. MEng

    Wordpress Like Jacking script

    So as the title says I'm looking a for Facebook Like jacking script for wordpress. Any plugin that someone can recommend?
  3. Newbuzz

    Facebook like jacker for wordpress

    Hello everyone, I am looking for facebook like jacker plugin for my wordpress site. i saw a lot of threads on bhw but all of them are 3-4 years old. Dont know if they still work. can some one suggest me a plugin or something else..?
  4. medosla97

    facebook like jacking

    helllo every one need facebook like jacking non wordpress plugin just the javascript and css files to integrate them in a custom cms can anyone help me please !!!
  5. medosla97

    need likejacking free script js!!

    hi everyone can i have facebook like jacking javascript files for free please ^^