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    So i'm back after what feels like 10 years, More grown, more mature and more innovative! (at least that is what i think). its crazy how i've had access to this amazing resource which is BHW and i've not tapped into it in the last 4 years at all... really would have made so many things so much easier!

    So i'm looking for SMS Marketeers for a few campaigns which i am ready to roll out (Black/White and Grey.)

    i'm not sure about all this opt in and opt out stuff i'm really just dealing with premium Lines and and premium text back services. my campaigns don't really ask the customers to opt in its pretty much a must.
    I also need an SMS marketeer for a private campaign.

    yeah i seem very vague, i know but give me a week to get to grips with BHW and ill be speaking properly... :)

    Message if you are interested. thanks

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