1. SmsActivate

    ⚪️⚪️⚪️SMS-ACTIVATE — SMS VERIFICATION SERVICE⭐️⭐️⭐️Numbers For Google, Telegram, Tinder, Instagram and other 700 apps ✅✅✅Test Numbers Av...

    -------------------------------------- Have any questions? Ask us there! Support 24/7: @SMS-Activate_Support Site: We refund money from your account to your balance with no additional payment -------------------------------------- Best regards, SMS-Activate Team
  2. yShot

    SMS/Whatsapp acc creation

    I'm looking for an sms service that activates whatsapp but you can keep the whatsapp account, I tried sms-active and indeed it activated the account, but after 3 days I was signed out, I assumed that smn else bought the same number and activated whatsapp with it. If you guys know any good...
  3. SteveHolt

    My Millions and Millions of Data, + My B2B Offers + Your Conversational AI Mass Texting Capabilities

    We have an offer for local businesses that can generate huge revenue on day one. We have a huge sales team ready to take inbound calls. We have tens of millions of emails and phone numbers that we want to blast using conversational AI I know a guy who is doing this and sending 400K texts a...
  4. Z

    Sms service

    Hi everyone, I have a gmail bot creator. And for this I need SMS verification. As I see, there are accounts sold for 1.5 rubles on the market. How is this possible? Which service provider do they use
  5. Y

    SMS Campaign US

    Hi, I am looking for a freelancer who has experience with running SMS campaigns into the US. Ping me if you think we can work together. Regards
  6. T

    Real SIM SMS receivers, any suggestions based on positive experiences?

    Hi guys, I’m in search of a platform to use for SMS verification services, I’ve tried a few platforms that claim using real simcards but I’m pretty sure they’re offering VOIP numbers because quality doesn’t match when I use a real sim myself. It’s hard to verify anyone claiming real SIM is my...
  7. R

    SMS - 50k/month | Cold Outreach | Avoid getting sued

    Hello all ! I'm a broker in the financial industry in the US and I have a huge system in place for email marketing. I'm looking for a system to do SMS / text messages cold outreach. I've seen that the simplest and most effective way to do it, while avoiding getting sued for let's say 30k to...
  8. sms-esim-proxy

    T-Mobile ESIM Available -- Unlimited SMS, Calls -- Use for 2FA on accounts -- Will send QR code for activation

    Hello BHW, We have T-Mobile ESIM available -- Delivered via QR Code Features in USA Unlimited Talk & Text (SMS) 5G mmWave & C-band 30 GB Premium Data 5 GB Hotspot Data Features in other countries Unlimited Talk & Text (SMS) - Must be on Wifi No Data - must be on Wifi. Disclaimer : If...
  9. aaanswer

    Facebook, SMS or Viber? Which is best traffic source to invest in advertising for a local business?

    The question is, if you have a very limited budget to bring new customers to your business, which is the best mean to invest in? FB, Google ads, Direct SMS or Viber? What is the minimum amount you could invest for and expect a ROI of let's say over 3% - 5%? The business is a relatively new (2...
  10. L

    (Hiring) looking to build a system that allows sending 25-50k+ SMS by bypassing compliance walls

    We need to send 25-50k+ SMS for us daily to non opt in number lists. Need a way to send SMS bypassing compliance walls, or at least performing as if it does.
  11. Shawerma

    Phone SMS verification, where can I find such a service?

    I want phone sms verification for Snapchat, where i can find such a service?
  12. Supershiller

    IMPORTANT!!!!!!!! Unbannable Telegram accounts for advertising/shilling!

    Hello There! I am new to this forum and I want to share my experiences about advertising on telegram, and also want to ask you guys about yours. I am using a script which 24/7 forwards a message into many (1800+) filtered telegram groups. My biggest concern is about telegram banning the...
  13. A

    Looking for Bulk SMS Service for germany

    Hey iam looking for a bulk sms service for germany.
  14. WhiteHatWorlds

    JV - MY 1M US Phone numbers / Carrier Data + Your SMS Blasting Software & Offer

    Hello, I have a list of 1M US phone numbers and am looking for a partner who can monetize this. Data includes, first name, number, and carrier brand. DM me privately if you have any ideas.
  15. mesidex

    [GUIDE] How to bypass phone number verification during brand channel creation

    When your Google account contains multiple different brand channels, YouTube may start requiring SMS verification for each new channel thereafter. To bypass this, simply select "Pakistan" from the dropdown menu, and enter a random 10-digit phone number starting with 304 (e.g 3048523648...
  16. vorakkas

    German DE Number, Short-term Rental Needed - for SMS (real, working!)

    Anyone? I just lost 20EU on rental and it's BS, and they only have like 15 picks, same old old used/blacklisted ones... I need a shared number to set up multiple services, including Whatsapp
  17. I


    Creating Real SIM phone numbers online: Verizon, ATT, sprint, Cwavefiber, CenturyLink, ITS Fiber, T-Mobile USA, Spectrum, Cox etc INTRO:: Firstly any job this days requires a non-VOIP phone number in other to carry out that job successfully, but then using a temporary non VOIP can ruin so...
  18. Cleanhustle

    Best 2 way sms service?

    Hello, I am looking for for 2 way sms service to receive messages from EU plivo/nexmo/twillio have a hard verification, Anyone know any other that are not so well-known that works very well with 2 way sms?
  19. M

    SMS router

    How i can get SMS router unlimited with ID @Rayh534
  20. B

    I think this is the place to make an introduction

    I'm interested in learning how to promote all kinds of online content (websites, social accounts, streams, gambling, etc). I am pretty new to the scene, but not new enough to be a good scam target ;) LOL. I'm hoping to learn about google/ bing ads, sms/ email promotion, social media promotion...
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