Sharing Page Posts on Groups - Two Different Layouts?


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Dec 24, 2008
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Hey guys,

I've been using Facebook Groups to market some offline services.

I've realized that, when page posts are shared on groups, they can show with two different layouts:
facebook post layout.png

The right version is exactly the same way a post is shown on the page itself: text first, image later. The full text is shared on the group.

The left version is different, it reverse the order, and put image first and text later. Also, the text is severely reduced: just the first ~25 words (around 160 characters) are shown, and the rest is hidden under a "SEE MORE" button. In the other hand, there's a "like button", increasing the number of people liking your page.

Is there a way to chose between those two? Until now, they seen kinda random to me.
That's Facebook! They split test so many features and views through the entire network, get used to it :)
As the meme says: "thanks, I hate it"
I think it's a split test.

However, I found that lately in most cases, the one on the left is used. It's used for content reshared to pages and profiles.

The one on the right seemed to be used more likely on content reshared to groups, specifically shared from Pages.
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