1. whitewar2001

    Growing Facebook Page with US audience with ads

    Hi, I want to use Facebook ads to grow my page. I want the likes and followers to be from USA although I reside in Africa. My question is when the page starts getting suggested would it be suggested to USA or would one of my admin need to from there?
  2. Bamzix agency

    Errors that often occur on pages and how we should now use pages to bring good results

    First, you need to see if the cases I have encountered below are similar to your situation? In the past we used to use new pages to set up campaigns right away. or pages that have just been restored by complaints, we also use them with large amounts of spending Campaigns were active but not...
  3. G

    Collaboration with someone?

    Hello i would like to do a colab with someone who is good at article writing and seo i currently own a fb page with 24 million reach monthly and every post have 1k at least likes my top post have 353k likes so i own a website but I can’t do both posting for page and writing articles so i need...
  4. B

    Ways To Make Money Building Facebook Pages?

    Hi, so I have a couple of phones on which I can build a little phone farm. With tools which I can build many different pages at a time. I’m planning on growing pages with specific niches and then growing traffic from that. Grow a blog with that niche then lead traffic from the Facebook page to...
  5. F

    Facebook Page Disabled

    I want to Remove Facebook Page and permanently Disabled it. Can anyone help? #Paid task
  6. A

    I have 300k network on Instagram,How do I make money?

    All of my pages are gaming niche related, I need promo buyers and stuff like that
  7. S

    What Happened here?

    I stopped getting the usual traffic. Most of my posts were on page one and they are nowhere to be found. The only SEO plugin I use is Rank Math. Also, my posts used to be indexed within a day. This week I have published over 100 articles and none has been indexed. Have you had this kind of...
  8. R

    Pre Verified Facebook pages (Blue Tick)

    I need a Facebook page with Blue tick that you can change it's name to my desired name
  9. R

    Facebook Page Name Change

    Hi, I want to change the name of a page I have, I have requested three times so far and it has been refused Anyone can Change it without access of the page?
  10. Lincoln Rhyme

    Page died. Any solution??

    The facebook page died a lot. Just post ads, they will die. Is there any way to fix this?
  11. metalfingersdoom

    Do you need baclinks on your homepage to rank for pages?

    Hello I am trying to rank in the adult niche and have faced a particular problem. I want to rank for four categories google queries but have few strong backlinks to support them. I don't know whether I have to have backlinks on my homepage in order to rank for anything. I don't think I do but...
  12. K

    Is there someone who can create a page on one of the trusted sites?

    I'm looking for someone who can create a page on a trusted or government site this is an example : Html from me.
  13. Sneha88

    Help me how to grow facebook followers

    Hello, Now a days Facebook is an important social media support to communicate. And pages for make viral. Please help me how can i grow my facebook page followers...
  14. lulolulito

    Need a wikipedia page for a new brand/website, page must not be deleted

    Hi I am looking for an expert to create and establish a Wikipedia page, we have a legit business that just started, we need to establish our brand and website. I see some so called experts that their wikipedia pages get deleted in days, Please only profesionals that have real access to create a...
  15. saweryip


    ***SELL FACEBOOK BUSINESS MANAGER ACCOUNT, OLD FAN PAGES, PERSONAL AD ACCOUNT ***LEASE YOU ACCOUNT TO RUN WH,GH ADS - RENT FEE = 4-10% ADS COST *****PRICE LIST ★★★ BM ACCOUNTS - Verified Business Manager: $120-$150 ( After first payment, Limit of creating ad accounts will be come 3 ad accounts)...
  16. ridersark

    Questions regarding Site Structure using Wordpress

    Hi, I am planning to start a new authority site in a niche which can be sub-categorized into a few sub-niches. My intention is to have a tightly knit site using Silo structures for each sub-niche. However, I have a few doubts or maybe misconceptions which I would like to hear your thoughts...
  17. Myst3ry

    [QUESTION] Stripping category base on PAGES on Wordpress

    Hey guys. I want to strip the "category" base on pages on Wordpress which eventually happened when I added the pages under specific parent page. I want the parent page to stay in the breadcrumbs but not in the URLs. The permalink way is already done. That applies on posts, not pages. The Rank...
  18. Thegeekguy

    How to convert Normal Looking Page to profile page?

    How to convert a normal looking page to a new look profile page Demo attached of profile page and normal page any one know the link to convert i am facing error while converting.
  19. luizeba

    Sharing Page Posts on Groups - Two Different Layouts?

    Hey guys, I've been using Facebook Groups to market some offline services. I've realized that, when page posts are shared on groups, they can show with two different layouts: The right version is exactly the same way a post is shown on the page itself: text first, image later. The full...
  20. A

    Help me to monetize 900k facebook page or 100k ig

    Hello, Please give me some tips to monetize 900k fb page / 100k ig page. Traffic is mixed, all the countries and pages are very very active as well.
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