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Jun 8, 2013
In late april i switched from a 3$/month shared hosting to an OVH vps, these are the results :p
Don't waste your money and switch to a VPS, you won't regret it.


but that's $3/month to ???
Even so, having litespeed and 1gb/1core/ssd as resources i won't say it's too bad for 3$/month.
The difference is too huge to even compare it, i'm paying 6$/month for the vps so... yeah not bad for this price.
I also do recommend going for a VPS, especially if it's not a resource-intensive website. And I would say that a cheap $5-6 VPS on either of the big companies will suffice for most cases.
Of course it is faster, you paid twice for it.

And what's the point of this thread?
So you're using the VPS as a dedicated server for your website?
Of course it is faster, you paid twice for it.

And what's the point of this thread?
I don't think the price is important here, because at the end of the day you can find lots of shared hosting companies that have higher prices than a decent VPS, as an example the cheapest package of WPX Hosting, is 25$/month it offers 10 gb storage, with 100 gb bandwidth and allow up to 5 websites to be hosted, with those resources having a website with ~20.000 visitors/month you will use all resources, for a similar amount on ovh you can get a vps with 8 gb ram/4cores/160 gb ssd and 1gb port with no mattered bandwidth and also you are protected by ovh firewall in case of ddos attacks. With this config you can easily host 5 website with ~20k users/month.
The point of this thread is just a basic example of how an website performs better on a vps rather than a shared hosting, these pictures above as you can see are from march - april when i had shared hosting, when core web vitals were oscillating and late april - may when everything stayed green.
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