1. L

    Looking for advice on DDoS mitigation for a small indie MMORPG

    Hello everyone (sorry if this is the wrong category, but this seemed the only place to ask for advice), My team runs a small indie MMORPG (around 1k players online at a time). We have been experiencing a barrage of DDOS attacks and network stability issues for the past 2 months. I would like to...
  2. Axelon

    ✅ Buy Cloud Accounts - Digitalocean, Linode, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Vultr, Kamatera, OVH Cloud, Atlantic Cloud ✅

    CONTACT US TO PLACE AN ORDER: TELEGRAM: @axelonbhw SKYPE: live:.cid.3baeb5a7be0a2061 EMAIL: [email protected]
  3. sohom

    [Free] Cloud Credits ($1500+) for 12+ months - Providers accepts Paypal/CC/Debit Card - ionos,linode,kamatera,oracle,ovh,etc.

    [Free] Cloud Credits ($1500+) for 12+ months - Providers accepts Paypal/Credit Card/Debit Card - Ionos, Linode, Kamatera, Oracle, Ovh, GoogleCloud, Azure, Vultr, DigitalOcean, Tencentcloud, Arubacloud Tips: If you don't want your cloud account to get banned, don't use more credits that the...
  4. raynic

    Anyone using OVHcloud?

    I need to buy a VPS hosting with servers in the US. Which VPS hosting are you using and what's your experience? Please I am not interested in shared hosting.
  5. nSnoopy

    Shared hosting vs VPS

    In late april i switched from a 3$/month shared hosting to an OVH vps, these are the results :p Don't waste your money and switch to a VPS, you won't regret it.
  6. Degen

    Looking for someone with that has their site hosting @ OVH

    I need someone to look up something in their OVH panel (and FTP server) $5
  7. Adilpro

    Hosting for huge traffic

    hi, I'm planing to host a website that will have a huge traffic (1,5million unique visitors/month 3million page views/month) and between 500-900 visitors on site at the same time what do suggest please ?
  8. Xandr24

    Offshor ovh

    Hrllo friend, help me please, where i csn buy ofshore online video hosting with ignore dcma and preferably that ovh has cdn Do know anybody?
  9. A

    Offshore online video hosting (OVH)

    Hi everyone. I am planning to launch a video on-demand website. I couldn't find a DMCA ignore online video providets (ovp) that ignore DMCA, so planning on getting my own offshore dedicated server. Can anyone give me instructions on how to do this (configurations) and what softwares can o buy...
  10. D

    I want buy a fake French proof of address

    I want buy a fake French proof of address, such as a water bill - gas or electricity or internet less than three months,to continue validate my account OVH. with this information : Perrin Tremblay 39, Square de la Couronne 75002 PARIS
  11. ahmedEL

    I need help about hosting

    I want to host my website on OVH servers but I heard that a lot of websites get banned by this company what is the problem exactly ? I choosed OVH because I have no paypal no credit card and their service is cheap can u suggest me any other hosting better than OVH ? sorry for my english :p:p...
  12. Benditer and Xrumer

    Has anybody got any experience in using for their blackhat stuff? I plan to buy a dedicated server for running Xrumer. How do they react to complains? Will they forward it to me or just shut me down without warnings?
  13. Tripleeagle

    100% Free 2-year contract every day if you've got a UK mobile phone -

    Hey guys! First thread...I've searched the forum but haven't found anything about this. And I don't own the website by the way. Just exploiting : D Free 2-year contract every day - Basically, legally, with no cheating, every day (once you've registered for free with no credit...
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