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    My web design firm rate is $350 per site and i need more idea to get at least 3 clients per month

    I was using radio ads and proposal via letter 3 months ago and i didnt advertise my web design firm again because the advertising cost is so expensive

    From radio ads (cost $350 ):
    i got 1 client :( still progress and i'll able to earn $1,070 from this project,if the client want me to work :( )

    From letter (cost$100)
    1 respone but the client didnt agree with the price even i dropped to $100

    From newspaper craig list (cost $10 per day for 160 characters)
    No result , got 3 calls from another web designer that they want to check my firm

    Sorry for my english,i need more suggestion
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    You didn't see this thread ?

    Look in the yellow pages hardcopy and see which ones are advertising in there but don't have a website in their ad.
    Charge by the size of the site, like maybe $100 per page. Then try to get them to host their site with you for $30/mo yearly contract, with free minor updates or whatever else you want to throw in to hook them. Use paypal for monthly auto billing so you don't have to chase them every month to get paid, but better to get them to pay whole year upfront maybe at a discount.

    If you can sell mobile sites to those site owner that don't have one , you open up a huge market to go after.
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    I've made lots of money posting on CL using 2 posting teams and well written ads.