SERP King - Search engine results Harvester.

I must have missing something here:confused:. You type in a keyword and it gives you a list of URL's in the index of different search engines. Can't work out what value i would be getting for my $75.

You search for the right combination of keywords you can find wordpress blogs, education sites that have open post forums, and other useful places to post information for backlinks
...I have planned to fix the serp-king rate as 75$. Cause the "serpscrapper" costs 99$. Also, i have included a feature that is not available in serpscrapper. (Altavista search).

Visit : www*serpscrapper*com for its details.

I have also planned to "Swappable Proxy & User_Agent" Feature... So, guys, u gotta decide & tell me "Is that price ok ?" or should i increase it ?

let the pricewar begin.. i heard syndk8 will do some christmas promotion and beat your price

yeah.. it works smoothly now. Soon to be released....

Please be patient.
this is the script which i am searching for, thanks
GlobalSquid SE Parser v1.6

Please re-up file. If it is simple and supports proxies could be handy. May be up to 1.8 now.
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