SERP King - Search engine results Harvester.


Dec 21, 2008
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Need URLs / results from major Search Engines ?

Here's the solution....

Screenshots :


Results page & Demonstration :


I have attached this "Golden Software" Along With this post..

Please make use of it. The Software coder wont be responsible for Any Issues caused through this software. Use it at your OWN RISK !


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looks like a nice tool, but does not work!
first it complained no file access line 75
then when i executed als admin i got a depency error (see pic)


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HAHA that was the fastest review i seen BHW .......serp king back to the drawing board
i got the same problem too oo it looked good too might want to debug it again
Hey guys,

Did u ever install a VB6.0 run-time component ?

Here it is ->

Also , i have attached the new version with dependencies problem fixed.


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Seriously, what is the point of the software. Not trying to be rude or anything, just curious.
This is just a beta version...

A program with errors in Beta-Version is Normal. Please be patient until the full version is released. Currently working hard to fix errors !!

Note : Need Beta Testers. contact me on [email protected]

Thank you...
Seriously, what is the point of the software. Not trying to be rude or anything, just curious.

its a program like serpscraper harvest url's for spamming reasons just like the other one neta10 code:D
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Hi xnixinx,

Mine is working now. but you need to right click and excute as admin.
Bug i found is that only returns a few urls, when i choose 1000
also de export results do not work
Well, here is the final setup thing. If any errors found in this one, Please inform me Immediately.


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Hi xnix,
Thanks for the share.

I've installed it, its running but only shows small results, even if I choose for 1000 results. Also the export feature is not working.
Yes rustie ... The search results & Export feature is limited in trial version. The full version will be released soon on the "Buy, Sell or Trade" section after a survey !

I have planned to fix the serp-king rate as 75$. Cause the "serpscrapper" costs 99$. Also, i have included a feature that is not available in serpscrapper. (Altavista search).

Visit : www*serpscrapper*com for its details.

I have also planned to "Swappable Proxy & User_Agent" Feature... So, guys, u gotta decide & tell me "Is that price ok ?" or should i increase it ?
Hm.. The price seems ok dude, and at the first glance, looks like your appz is more lighter in resource than serpscraper.
Then.. Guys, you can ask your requirements that you need in this software and i will finish it !
I must have missing something here:confused:. You type in a keyword and it gives you a list of URL's in the index of different search engines. Can't work out what value i would be getting for my $75.
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