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SEO Suggession

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Haroon Khalid, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. Haroon Khalid

    Haroon Khalid Newbie

    Aug 24, 2013
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    I need help from some real SEO Expert, who can give me real advice

    I am basically DEVELOPER and Solution Architect with 10+ years of experience and also Word Press Expert. I worked for many clients through out my career. In January 2013, I bought 8 Domains and think that I can earn from these sites.

    1. dressinghubDOTcom (Selling dresses for different designers from my contact list)
    2. makeapixDOTcom (Giving Picture Editing Services for people)

    These two websites, I have only traffic with Social Media, and Google Adsens is not approving because Mostly pages having images.

    3. movieincinemasDOTcom (Movies Website)
    4. latestnewsbulletinDOTcom (News Website)

    Article Website

    5. quickearningideasDOTcom
    6. getfuturebusinessDOTcom
    7. playfreeonlinegamingDOTcom
    8. carsnautoDOTcom

    I hired 2 expert content writers one to write articles and other for news and movies gathering and editing. Currently I posted manual articles on similar keywords top ranked websites and also market with social media like facebook, twiter. Also doing commenting.3 TO 4 SITES HAVE AROUND 100 USERS. And some having even less than 50.

    Neither of my site having Google Adsense as some of my my sites having more images than text, some are gathering websites like Movies and News..Although my content writer have some different written text but movies and News, we cannot make 100% unique.

    I know SEO things like Bookmarking, LinkBuilding, Commenting and Marketing via social media. But I guess my problem is that I have many things in my hand to focus all at once.I need guidelines on

    1. Please Suggest me better SEO Plan to work on. Keep in Mind that I have 2 content writers for all of these sites. And I am programing expert too and having good knowledge of different SEO things, just as developer. But not did any SEO like any Expert SEO Guy?
    2. I used SENuke on my friend PC on my website. Which gave me 30 backlinks on 2 different cycles and I got 20 to 30 more people on that website on that day. Article was unique and good.I HAVE QUESTION THAT AFTER READING MY ALL ABOVE THINGS, CAN SENUKE BE HELPFUL FOR ME ON NEW GOOGLE ALGORITHMS. IF YES, GIVE ME PLAN THAT WHICH TEMPLATE SHOULD I USE. Currently I used Social network, RSS and then Pinger.
    3. Will I able to earn some thing after Purchasing SENuke. WILL ANY BODY FROM SENUKE SUPPORT HELPS ME IN TRIAL VERSION to get best results from SENuke or even Licenced version once in week on my friend system before purchasing?
    4. Please tell me earning ways from my sites other than Google Adsens. I used infolinks, these rates are much low, and they are not counting exact impressions?

  2. Haroon Khalid

    Haroon Khalid Newbie

    Aug 24, 2013
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    Still waiting for KIND REPLY of any SEO Expert
  3. the_demon

    the_demon Jr. Executive VIP

    Nov 23, 2008
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    Search Engine Marketing
    The Internet
    1. Personally I hate the various versions of SeNuke, I find them way to restrictive for expert level SEO. For beginners in micro niches it's probably fine. I've tried the software loads of times, every version they made and just never liked it.

    2. Listing your sites here is probably a really bad idea, I would suggest you edit your post to remove them.

    3. If you're just getting started and don't want to or don't have the money to hire an expert you can head over to: http://www.demondemon.com/ it's run by a member on here named Scritty if you buy Ultimate Demon through his affiliate link he gives you access to his members only forum. In addition to giving quality and free tutorials on how to use the software so long as you stick with him he also gives out pretty good link packets to keep your lists up to date each month (usually done monthly). Also, you'll save money from his link so it's really win-win.

    Ultimate Demon is also a pretty well rounded tool in terms of link diversity and unlike SeNuke which (in my personal opinion) is a horrifically buggy piece of crap... Edwinsoft (the maker of Ultimate Demon) puts out a quality tool that almost never crashes. It's also easier to use and offers a much more flexible solution for the most part. Definitely one of the top tools I would recommend to beginners.

    Hope this helps,