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    SEO is a art almost a science. It is something that has to be done and done correctly. The traditional way of doing SEO is to drive organic traffic. How do people choose to do this? Well they are using multiple methods of traffic generation. Weather it be from using PPC, Backlinking, Blogs, tweets, shouts, emails, all these are all there for 1 thing. Fresh New IP's to view a site.

    These are all that main sites that are looking to jump through the ranks need and desire. Now in my case being the owner of I have a 3.5million user based botnet that I control. So sending new fresh organic people to a site is ok.. But something was missing. The keywords were not moving up the ranks...

    So I had to do some changes. So simply enough I changed my system to have my users do searches for these keywords and move to the desired host page and click on it. So now I created Direct linking / Search Term linking thats both organic. Then the next step became a little harder cause it took more coding. I had to make it so my users could also in turn check out a backlink.

    Luckly a hosted majority of these blog and backlink sites give you a direct link so sending them to that page and having them click on the link was amazing plus the traffic that was driven from the users that were see'ing the blogs. All these things are desired to move a certain web-page up through the rankings.
    Now everyone was curious how this is all possible and soon in the future I will release a little version of my software for users and business and everyone here on bhw to use. If people want to chat or get some tips I can show you how to do this on your own. But it helps having a niche in the field.
    Also if anyone knows any sites that want to get some SEO done and want to see what 500k users can do for keyword ranking a week I will happily show the difference to anyone curious but remember a steady mix of the 3 things is a requirement for it to matter really with all the search engines.

    Thanks for time, so I could drop my 2 cents.


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    this is work?
    Aren't botnets illegal?
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    I was thinking about similar thing - i.e. to have a bot doing a search by some KW and then browsing through search results and then clicking on the link to MY site, to trick G to believe that user has found MY site to be extremelly relevant to that KW, so G would up my ranking for that KW. I was planning to use a proxy network and custom bots to emulate the real users for our friend G. But that was a logistics challenge so I never took any action in that direction. However, I think at certain point "bot searchers" many become a recognized black hat SEO technique.

    Now, on the G's side of things, the most obvious protection against this manipulative technique would be to ONLY count searches performed by "trusted" people - i.e. those who a) are logged into their G accounts and b) account must have a history of normal search activity at least few MONTHS long.

    For bots, it would be difficult to accumulate a "history of search activity". If I were G, I would only count searches from accounts that have several months worth of search history. G has more than enough userbase, so they could cherry-pick only trusted accounts if they want to incorporate SERP click behavior into site rankings.

    If I understand it right, zombies from your B-net are performing a G searches for you? Well I guess it is some sort of Br0wser Help 0bject inside IE or some other w1n1net trick. Since many users are auto-logged into their G accounts, your zombie searches are probably conducted within G account, so there is a chance that G would count those as "trusted" searches and will rank up the site your zombies are voting for with their clicks...

    I was always thinking that it is more safer / clever / intelligent to use B-nets for SEO ranking rather than sending untargeted email canned crap.

    Out of curiosity, I would be interested to know what are your results in terms of ranking. Could you please share some of your results with us?