Sell my damm blog !!


Nov 16, 2013
i have been blogging since half a year and i am fed up with it , alexa rank is around 440,000 and is receiving 1.2k page-views everyday from google but i am not able to sell it , as no body is interested in it . i just thought that if you could help me to find a place where i could sell my blog .

to find my blog just google - hacker theme for pc and my blog will be on top - ctycoon

Thanks in advance
Try to monetize it and after three months of steady earnings you might be able to sell it.
there are some guaranteed service has been sold in the BHW market place .Check Reviews on providers and choose one of them to elevated your blog in every way.
I think you just need to find right monetizing methods for your site and you might change your decision about selling.

Have you apllied for any PPC, PPV or CPM networks? If so, what are your results?
Try to be in the Acceptable Thing, and you can make good Money from it, around 20-50$ a day should be easy, if you don't able to, write me a PM with the Price you want for it, I'm always interested with Blogs who already get nice traffic.

Not acceptable

  • Sites that provide information on "unlocking" or "jail-breaking" cellular phones
  • Information or software for DVD, CD, game ripping, or MP3 music downloads (must not violate our copyright policy by providing downloads of copyrighted materials or driving traffic to sites with content of this nature
  • Sites that provide information on free-to-air satellite channels

  • Sites or products that enable illegal access of cell phones and other communications or content delivery systems or devices
  • Products or services that bypass copyright protection, including circumvention of digital rights management technologies
  • Products that illegally descramble cable or satellite signals in order to get free services
  • Sites that assist or enable users to download streaming videos if prohibited by the content provider, such as those found on YouTube and Google Video
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