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    Feb 23, 2016
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    If you are not getting as many views or likes as much hard work you are doing, then for once, you should go back to the starting point and analyze why have you even started writing a blog.
    Blogging is the easiest way to build a trustworthy and a respectable relationship with the customers. It will also help your blog to rank higher than the other blogs. If you wish to retain the existing customers, provide them some benefits.
    The second step is to make some research and find out why successful bloggers are so successful? What makes them who they are? May be they write a lot and write non-stop.
    Write precise, to the point. Nobody has idle time to go through lengthy descriptions.
    Write unique, add creativity element.
    Judge your audience; analyze what they want to know about.

    So may be these small self assessment tips can help you win more traffic. Wishes.
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    Thank you for these tips. :)