Atik Bhuiyan

Apr 1, 2019
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I am Atik Bhuiyan from Bangladesh. I am a full-time Teespring seller. I have four nice looking t-shirt designs inspired from Assassin Creed but I can ensure those are not fully copied, so there is no risk of copyright problem. Now, I want to advertise those designs on social media platforms so that I can get a good exposure. One thing I like to mention here, because of some incidents I am in the serious financial problem right now, so I can't pay in advance but instead of that, I like to offer profit sharing. Let me explain in details, at first, you will see my designs and if you are satisfied to work on those then you can start marketing and secondly, for each sale which will generate from your marketing I will share 50% profit with you. I know in online marketing platform, trust is a very important factor, so in this case, I am ready to make any kind of deal or sign in any contract which will assure that I am a man of my words and I will share 50% profit with you. If anyone is interested, please let me know as early as possible.