teespring promotion.

  1. B

    What is the experts opinion about [teesprig+facebook ads]?

    some professional advice please
  2. L

    Are instagrams links in bio still a thing?

    So, I am selling tees through Teespring but havent had any luck with fb ads so far So I tried the method following this video I contacted a 45kfollowers page related to the niche of my shirt(cats) and got it to make a post on their page and add a link in their bio for 24hr The post on insta has...
  3. P

    Facebook ads + Teespring

    Hello blackhatters ive been reading this forum for almost 6 months but just decided to create an account, awesome information here. i work online and make a round $150 weekly (i produce music) but recently ive been digging around this site teespring.com and come up with an idea (that was surely...
  4. Atik Bhuiyan

    Seeking for expert t-shirt marketer

    Hello, I am Atik Bhuiyan from Bangladesh. I am a full-time Teespring seller. I have four nice looking t-shirt designs inspired from Assassin Creed but I can ensure those are not fully copied, so there is no risk of copyright problem. Now, I want to advertise those designs on social media...
  5. JustHicham

    What is best place to promote t-shirts

    guys from your experience what is the best place to promote t shirts with teespring... i tested facebook doesn't work with me well
  6. 7ZEUS7

    Abusive father

    My father has been verbally abusing me and my sister ,he says somethings that you cannot even imagine I want to move out from my home and settle anywhere but away from my father But i dont have money to do so Iam not asking for any help or domething but i needed to share with someone because...
  7. Pixel Groot

    How to get free traffic on Teespring Campaign

    I am New in Teespring, i just Launched a Storefront on Teespring by my some design, But Don,t get any sell, What can you do Right Now, Please any help me by some value added Tricks and Tips! I tried to paid marketing on USA by facebook, But Don't Work ! :( :( Please Help Me By your...
  8. maryseowinston

    Inspired by this forum, My 1st IM journey.

    Hi fellow Blackhaters, It has been a few weeks since I joined this forum, I have read many of your posts related to your journey, guides & methods. So I decided to implement something in real time. My first try was with Teespring & Facebook groups. I had read a guide from Inception_AC regarding...
  9. Jetsetskyking

    Promoting a teespring campaign, 60% of every generated sale.

    I have a shirt that i know can sell well, that is targeted towards female coffee drinkers. I'm looking for people to help me generate sales, and in return they get 60% of all profits they generate. I don't have any requirements as far as who is eligible, but sales must follow through. If you are...
  10. Jetsetskyking

    Looking for Teespring Promotion.

    I have a shirt that I am selling with 5 days left, I have sold 1 already, but the problem is i can't advertise this like it should be, so i'm looking for people to help me promote this shirt, it is a profit sharing opportunity, where i give you 50% of every sale you generate, and if you bring in...
  11. Jetsetskyking

    Starting My Own Teespring Affiliate Program?

    I thought about having affiliates promote my shirts for me in exchange for commission, but i don't know where i could find people to do that? any suggestions?
  12. Jetsetskyking

    Promoting a teespring campaign, and I need help.

    Does anyone know any low cost means of promoting a shirt? it's about coffee, and i have been promoting it to females 21-45 on facebook. and coffee fans in many other places, but its not working. I already put money in to promotion, but i'm not doing it right.