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  1. S

    I need help with getting into bank apps via emulator without the face verification part!

    Hello. I have now for some days tried logging into some bank apps where face verification is needed when logging in via emulators to bypass it. For some reason even in emulators the apps tell me to do a face verification when logging in. I have seen people who sell bank accounts such as Zen or...
  2. L

    Is that Facebook Shadow Ban

    when i want to post in open facebook groups i got this message " Some posts in this group require admin or moderator approval before they're published." what solution to enlock the ban fast without long wait time" Thanks Guys!
  3. D


    Thinking about running ads: Should I choose to promote interaction/mess or conversion? How are goals relevant to different product types?
  4. I

    Facebook Ads - Comment Management Tool

    Hi, having seen several such tools, I bet someone here has already developed a tool capable of meeting my needs. If you have, please let me know. Even if you don't exactly meet my needs, if you think you can customize your existing tool to meet them, don't hesitate. Goal: I need to put...
  5. D

    The conversion wave of Facebook advertising

    The conversion wave of Facebook advertising will thrive in 2024 when combined with product integration. Let's catch the wave and lead the trend together.
  6. Basil Agency

    Meta ads Leads conversion rate?

    Hi guys, how many of you successfully generating quality leads that actually converts, Can you tell how are you generating high quality convertible leads? Because i am facing conversion issue in leads i have generated. Some say they didn't fill form etc. How to generate hight quality leads that...
  7. devsgdm

    Facebook Ads Run Problem

    I need you guys to help, I am trying very hard to run ads on my Facebook but I have been kicked out of the ads manager. What should I do if I want to run ads on Facebook? Please help. expert.
  8. E

    Lead Gen/ Facebook Ad market research?

    Hi guys, Is there a tool to see which types of companies are currently running ads on facebook? I've received similar reports in real estate with transactional data to pinpoint markets that have activity but no-one thought about. I think D7 lead finder has pontential (they have terrible...
  9. twitt3r

    FB Ads promoting something random and making you download .exe files (virus)

    Have you all seen such ads? What's it they're trying to do here? Attached an SS below. Other niches they run are Google Bard, Meta Ads, Google Ads, and in each they make you download and install something. Ofcourse the files are malicious therefore never downloaded or installed any. Just wanted...
  10. Clare Jane

    ⚡Professional Video Editing | Social Media Video ads | Commercial Video ads | Tiktok Video Ads service ⚡

    ⚡Professional Video Editing | Social Media Video ads | Commercial Video ads | Tiktok Video Ads Service⚡ Discover the Magic of Captivating Videos Looking for promotional, social media, or wedding videos that tell your story the right way? We offer meticulously-edited and polished videos...
  11. Richard Alvarado


    Welcome! DQ AGENCY provides marketing solutions to help you increase sales I would like to introduce myself as a longtime and reputable seller of facebook accounts in the community. With long experience running facebook ads with huge resources. We operate 24/7 and provide FACEBOOK AGENT account...
  12. A

    Facebook ban

    I got advertising account suspension what should i do with that?
  13. Sonet Agency


    SONET AGENCY HAS QUALITY, PROFESSIONAL TECHNICAL TEAM - COOPERATION WITH MANY ADVERTISING COMPANIES BH, WH, GH, GAMINGNV, CRYPTO... 1. About service: We provide a large number of advertising accounts 250$, 500$, 1200$, 1500$ and unlimited spending accounts.... Facebook Ads account with...
  14. EbsMoasta

    Improve ad quality of my black hat ads

    Hey there, I run all sorts of black hat ads (from dating to gambling) on Facebook. However sometimes the ad quality seems to be a lot bewlow average. I have tried multiple things to improve but from time to time I still have that issue. Any recommondations on how to improve from a Facebook Black...
  15. lkmayckon

    Which cell phone plan to use to create FACEBOOK accounts so I can advertise black?

    I'm Brazilian and my internet network (I believe) is already checked. I used a program to be able to camouflage my computer's settings, but as soon as I cried the account I was blocked. I must have been tagged by them. Then I will use mobile internet to create new accounts. And I wanted to know...
  16. Napoleson

    effective account warming

    Are you having problems with your facebook accounts, when you just bought someone's account to advertise your product, they all die, here are some steps to warm up the account effective : 1 : first when you buy an account , i have advice for you , you should buy or use old accounts this will...
  17. Jessica Mono Agency

    Newsletter Facebook ads 15/03

    The platform is updating extremely harsh community standards. - Don't let your Page flop just because of the wrong stick Facebook update policies to: 1/ earn money on reels/insta 2/ More support for creators about thinking/tools/creation 3/ copyright protection for creators 4/ Product cat on...
  18. L

    How to warm profile on Facebook?

    guys how do you warm up your facebook profiles? I feel that my heating mat is not being very efficient and I wanted a more effective one. If you can share with me I appreciate it!
  19. Sonet Agency


    1. About Service : We provide Full set up for your Facebook ads camps - Facebook Ads Account with history spent,high limit,unlimit resourse for scale up ( quickly change,not have die fee) - FREE VPS (RDP,ADSPOWER,..) (Clean IP) ; - Profile and Page Strong (Old, 5 Star, Successfully...
  20. $Hidden$

    FREE Advertising on Facebook [ 4 Methods ]

    Facebook wants to encourage new companies to start advertising and from time to time run promotional campaigns which offer free Ad credit. These are the official methods to get real FB Ads coupons : 1- Facebook Advertising Scholarship AdvertiseMint awards hard-working young entrepreneurs with...
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