Mar 8, 2021
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hi, I have a bot idea and I'm looking for a skilled developer to simplify and implement this script/bot, The idea is that we can increase any TikTok video views by opening the link several times from different windows only, and without the need to use proxies or have accounts "watch without a login only", We have now tried to open the links hundreds of times, And it's increasing the views count and actually working, But we want to increase the views thousands of times, not hundreds and without the need to use several computers or VPSs with very high specifications "RAM, CPU..", So, the main question is what is the easiest way to increase 50k views in one click using this method but without the need to have many computers with high specifications? , if you are able to answer this question contact me immediately.

I haven’t tried using a headless browser or chrome-driver & selenium yet, if you are smm software developer it would be better. There is someone who programmed something similar and it increases the number of views without opening windows or consuming computer resources and this is what I am looking for.

we have a very good budget for it.
Although this may appear to be working now these views are easily detected and will Lilley be removed, and could even be hurting your potential for organic views. I can only speak from my own experience so maybe I am wrong.

What are you trying to achieve? Obviously you want to increase views, are you wanting to be noticed by the algo and then boosted further?

To answer the question though, to give the views any chance of sticking you will need a headless browser, I'd use puppeteer with chromium. There are several extensions out there that will help with finger prints. The same is probably true for selenium.

If you are looking to hire someone thought you should probably move the post to hire a freelancer thread.
This could get you easily shadow banned. But if the only thing you want is to increase views, good to know.

I can help you out to see if it is working out, I have some experience in scripting/scraping bots.
DM me if you are interested.
You are risking a ban doing this. Plus i don't think it would be beneficial for you.
From TikTok's perspective you are watching the same video 50k times, you will need a proxy or mask your identity in some way.

If not, what will happen to what users are telling, shadow banned or just a ban?

But, if you don't care about this you could just read the network's request that is being sent and repeat the sequence in a script with NodeJS or Python if you are easily detected this way the other way is just a headless browser.
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