ScrapeBox the ULTIMATE SERP Scraper & Auto Blog Commenter with PRStorm Mode

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Jul 13, 2008
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ScrapeBox v2.0

"Scrape - Check - Ping - Post"



Harvest thousands of URLs from Google, Yahoo, Bing and dozens of other Search Engines in seconds! With inbuilt footprints for finding Wordpress, Blog Engine, Text Cube, Joomla and numerous other blog and guestbook sites. You can gather lists of links that are highly relevant to your keywords and niche. Great for researching competitors, finding new blogs to comment on, doing product research or even gathering facts and info for your next blog post or article.

Don't want Wordpress or blog platform URLs? No problems, you can enter your own custom search Footprints and ScrapeBox will store these so you can build up your own Footprint Library for future use. For example you can store and ScrapeBox will search amongst the 900 Million indexed pages on .gov domains that are currently listed in just Google alone. Or you could add to keep track of the amount of pages Search Engines have indexed on your site, or extract those URLs so you can obtain backlinks to them all to rank and dominate your competition.

Built-in Footprints

Keyword Scraping from "Suggest" sources

Suggest sources drop down suggestions when you begin typing in search boxes such as on Google, Amazon, Ebay, YouTube, Alibaba or Wikipedia. These search suggestions are based on the popularity on what other users type. This is a treasure trove of highly valuable keyword data, and ScrapeBox can extract thousands of search suggestions per minute.


Multiple, Rotating Proxies!

Proxy Support, of course ScrapeBox wouldn't let you go harvesting without it. You can Import, Export or just Paste in proxy lists, tick to use Proxies and ScrapeBox will perform all it's Harvesting, Pinging, Checking and Comment Posting operations through proxies so your real IP never encounters the dreaded "Automated Queries" messages we are all familiar with when conducting intensive keyword research. Also supports Private Proxies with User/Pass authentication and has a built-in proxy verifier.


List Management

Found a High Domain or Page Authority Blog or Site? You can harvest every page on the site with the harvester and then check the Page Authority of every page. You can trim your list of subpages down to the root version, you can also bulk check the Moz PA and DA of domains and subpages through proxies to prevent being blocked. ScrapeBox will also let you export your URLs complete with ranking, this is great for keeping a record of the Page Authority for every page on your site.


Ping aka PRStorm Mode

Ping Mode aka PRStorm Mode allows you to send referrer hits through proxies and leave your domain as the referrer. This is extremely useful if you want your domain to show up in the referral logs of other sites, the recent visits widgets on sites, artificially increase your traffic to show affiliate programs and many other uses such as drive up "views" on your articles so they appear on most popular lists and receive more exposure.


Mass Blog Comments - Wordpress & Dozens More Platforms

Are you in desperate need of backlinks? The ScrapeBox blog commenter doesn't just post on your own blogs, you can post comments on any Wordpress, Blog Engine, Text Cube, Joomla and many other blogs at the click of a button. With the Harvester component in ScrapeBox, you can use the built-in search footprints (or your own custom ones) to find thousand of blog posts in Google, Yahoo and Bing that are directly related to your niche and keywords. ScrapeBox can then post to all these blogs at the click of a button. This will help boost your exposure in all the search engines, receive a higher rank and send a flood of traffic to your sites from readers of the thousands of blogs clicking your link in the comments.


Almost 40 Free Addons Included

As if all the features in ScrapeBox were not enough, we have included almost 40 Addons included free with ScrapeBox. These gives you the power and functionality to perform hundreds of various tasks that in second that could take hours or days to perform manually using your browser. Everything from downloading YouTube video's and descriptions, to scan pages for malware, create screenshots of web pages, check if webpages are dead or alive, scrape URLs from sitemaps, scrape the Google descriptions or Google cache dates. In fact that addons pack so much extra functionality in to an already feature rich tool.

You can also scrape Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Text, Links, Images, Keywords, Files, Name Servers, Whois, Comments, Redirects, Link Anchor Text, ******** URLs, Outbound Links from websites, just to name a few...


Just $77 for a Lifetime License on our BHW Page!

Further Info

ScrapeBox has been tested on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11 as well as Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019 and 2022 on 64 Bit. It's also available on Mac OS. If you have any troubles with the application, please contact us immediately. ScrapeBox has internal crash analysis, it can create error logs with information to fix it which you must email to us so we can resolve it for you. If you do this, and in the event we are unable to get ScrapeBox up and running on your system we will issue you a refund.

ScrapeBox is a one-time purchase, it is NOT a monthly or yearly subscription. ScrapeBox is a single PC license with one free license reset per month. Critical problems will be addressed immediately, tweaks, enhancements and minor fixes will be done as soon as the number of outstanding items in the list warrant a new build.

Note: ScrapeBox is Digitally Signed by VeriSign and we are accountable for our applications.

ScrapeBox BHW Page
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I reviewed ScrapeBox and think it is a pretty powerful tool for its price. After reading the well-written instructions, I was able to use a few custom footprints to track down a large number of WPMU sites very quickly. The ability to order them by PR was pretty cool if for no other reason than having a point-of-reference to compare them quickly against one another. The blog commenting ability is very cool, fast, and has a reasonable success rate for being an automated tool.

All in all, in my opinion, ScrapeBox is a very powerful tool to add to your toolkit at a price you really can't beat. Sweetfunny is a smart character and took some feedback from me and implemented it into an upgraded version very quickly. I have no reason to believe that this courtesy won't be extended to customers as well.

is it the ping function, will ping our comment that post via comment poster?

Hi, it's not XML-RPC for RSS Feeds (although that is on the list and will be added shortly). It works like PRStorm, you can send hits to referrer logs with your domain as the referrer to get backlinks, appear on recent referrers widgets, send fake traffic to your domain to show affiliate companies, increase views on articles and that sort of thing.
Hi -

I actually bought this the day before he released....and I am hooked!!! Very powerful tool, laid out very straightforward, good instructions, and - such a great combination of tools all rolled into one!

For the price - you cannot ask for a better scraper/harvester/pinger/commenter - did I leave anything out?? LOL

Highly recommend this as well. Good job to the OP!!!

Just to be sure, that means we can use it on as many computers as we want? Because that is the problem with most blog commenters, you can only download it ones which is a big pain.

It's for 1 pc only
I bought this recently. Highly Recommended. Excellent support as well.

Hi -

I actually bought this the day before he released....and I am hooked!!! Very powerful tool, laid out very straightforward, good instructions, and - such a great combination of tools all rolled into one!

Thanks very much guys, much appreciated and glad you enjoy ScrapeBox.

For the price - you cannot ask for a better scraper/harvester/pinger/commenter - did I leave anything out?? LOL

Maybe just Mass Pagerank Checker, Proxy Verifier. :) BTW if you don't have the latest v1.0.0.3 with the Proxy Verifier you can go download it. This is a screenshot of that part:

Just to be sure, that means we can use it on as many computers as we want? Because that is the problem with most blog commenters, you can only download it ones which is a big pain.

1 License is for 1 PC, you can re-download it at any time and updates are free. There's been 3 updates in the past few days adding new functionality.

If you format your PC, get a new one etc just contact me with your original payment details.

just bought this product.

Ive sent you pm with paypal data and license code.


You're up and running, thanks for your support and hope you enjoy your new tool.
Ive tested this out and it does work as stated. Ive scraped a few 5k+ URL lists, done removal of duplicate URLs and domains, used blog posting functionality and its all worked pretty good so far.

I ran a list of 2.4k blog posts through the comment poster with my half assed crappily thrown together comments then ran the list of results through my link checker. I had about as many stick as you could ask for.

Tool works and works pretty well, its not a nooby tool so you will need to know why you want the tool but there are some good facets to this and it will be very useful in the future.
I bought this product at 7am this morning (still half sleeping) and must admit i was too noobish for it. Ive never used anything like this before and i knew it would be a challenge....NOT!!

After playing around with it for a couple of hours, i soon got my noob head around how to operate it. I posted some comments out to hundreds of sites. once the comments had been done, i actually copied and pasted the url's that the software said had been successful, and i did check them, and i was amazed to see my comment and the link to my website....done hundreds of times over...

When i was struggling, this guy sent me around 9pm's being very polite and helping me get through it. The op is one nice guy and i CANNOT fault either him, his service or his product.

10/10 for everything...and i'll definitely be keeping an eye on whatever the op brings out next.

Cheers for all your help sweet, your a top guy.(i hope your a guy lol)

Will i get Lifelong Free updates with this??Also, can it work properly on Windows 7 ??

Will i get Lifelong Free updates with this??Also, can it work properly on Windows 7 ??


Yes to both questions, free updates for life (an update was released a few hours ago, another will be released in the next few hours with a nifty new feature).

Also yes, it's Win7 compatible. It was actually built mostly in Win7 RTM with a little shuffling back in to XP for cross checking. It doesn't require .net framework either.
Update: Version

ScrapeBox now also does spinnable comments to avoid more filters, and to mix up backlink anchor text. It works in "Power Article Rewriter" format.

Have a {good|great|excellent|nice} day.

<a href="hxxp://">{BHW|Black Hat|BH World}</a>

Anyone who has purchased ScrapeBox can grab it from the members down page.

That latest update is sooooo on time - all of my comment files are set up in that format, and I was dreading having to unformat them.

You ROCK Sweet!!

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