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Scammed by Bitgrimmy

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by Gioom, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Gioom

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    Jul 28, 2014
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    I got scammed by this member that called himself Steven: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/members/803461-bitgrimmy.html

    I can't over the fact how stupid I've been but I've paid this guy upwards of € 4000,- to get an FB agency account. We did a lot of talking on skype , he seemed legit (but I guess they all do). He knew a LOT about FB advertising so that's why I really thought this guy was for real. I paid him about € 2500,-, then he put me in contact what should have been an agent at FB called 'Mike' (later on I found out that Mike was using the same IP on skype as Steven).

    I talked to Mike a lot and he knew even more about FB advertising and even gave me some examples of campaigns that should have good ROI. He then told me to have his support I had to put in another € 1500,- and then on top of that some fees. And stupid as I was I also paid him.

    After that I should have gotten the account but then one problem after another occured and I got suspicious. I looked up their Skype IP's and found out they were using the same one. I confronted Steven with this but he still kept after his story. I told him I was pressing charges at him at the police station (which I did) and then it got awfully quiet and a few messages on it was radio silence all the way and it has been for the last 5 days (exactly when he received the last amount).

    I can put up the Skype conversations on request if that helps in any way but it's a LOT.

    I cannot begin to tell you how much this stresses me out as I couldn't really miss the money but that guy so talked me into it, it's shocking to find out how the prospect of earning a lot of money can make you do things... :-/

    Anyway, this is what I have of 'Steven' a.ka. Bitgrimmy a.k.a Grimmy Works

    I have his address but that turns out to be a hotel in Manchester.

    Skype: bitgrimmy
    Ip: *Removed*

    FB agent 'mike'
    Skype: mikefin84
    Tel: *Removed (working or not, no phone #s OS)* (doesn't work)

    And there was also this 3th guy 'Matt' who was also part of the plan. His Google-address is: [email protected]

    The Neteller accounts I paid to:


    I'm paying € 500,- to the one who helps to get my money back!
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  2. OldSalt

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    May 19, 2009
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    IT Sys Admin
    US, East Coast
    bitgrimmy has been notified he has 48 hours to respond.

    @Gioom, I am going to have to see some proof - at least a partial skype log showing the deal and payment screenshots.

    PS. Reminder to all who have current issues, keep it PROFESSIONAL. No name calling or other insults.

    Reminder to everyone else:
    Shit list rule #4:
    If you are not directly related to the situation, or are not offering information directly related to the situation: do not post in the thread.
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  3. Asif WILSON Khan

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    Nov 10, 2012
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    Fun Lovin' Criminal
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  4. Gioom

    Gioom Newbie

    Jul 28, 2014
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    Ok, here are some Skype logs between bitgrimmy, mike and me:

    This is the introduction part:

    [20-5-2015 16:11:12] Hi
    [20-5-2015 16:15:18] Gioom: Hello
    [20-5-2015 16:18:14] Grimmy Works: Are you still looking for facebook ad accounts?
    [20-5-2015 16:18:38] Grimmy Works: last time we had talk, you were looking for facebook accounts
    [20-5-2015 16:18:42] Grimmy Works: did you found your solution?
    [20-5-2015 16:18:52] Gioom: Ehm, only if you have very good prcicing
    [20-5-2015 16:19:08] Gioom: Actually I've not been doing very much on FB since I couldnt get any good accounts back then
    [20-5-2015 16:19:26] Grimmy Works: I see
    [20-5-2015 16:19:40] Gioom: What kind of accounts do you have?OK,
    [20-5-2015 16:20:22] Grimmy Works: i have partnership with agency, well i can able to get working accounts
    [20-5-2015 16:20:45] Grimmy Works: The accounts are working
    [20-5-2015 16:20:54] Gioom: Are they prepaid?
    [20-5-2015 16:21:47] Grimmy Works: No, The accounts are postpaid
    [20-5-2015 16:21:57] Grimmy Works: There are different kind of spend limits
    [20-5-2015 16:22:22] Gioom: Ok, so you still have to use your own cc?
    [20-5-2015 16:22:31] Grimmy Works: You dont need to use your cc
    [20-5-2015 16:22:35] Grimmy Works: directly into facebook
    [20-5-2015 16:22:54] Gioom: I don't get it. How do you pay then?
    [20-5-2015 16:23:09] Grimmy Works: The account comes with virtual card attached
    [20-5-2015 16:23:13] Grimmy Works: you have to reload the virtual card
    [20-5-2015 16:23:15] Grimmy Works: and then you can pay
    [20-5-2015 16:23:45] Gioom: Oh really? What kind of VCC do you use?
    [20-5-2015 16:24:16] Grimmy Works: The vcc is neteller virtual card
    [20-5-2015 16:24:22] Grimmy Works: and metabank offshore card
    [20-5-2015 16:24:33] Grimmy Works: Are you familiar with neteller?
    [20-5-2015 16:24:46] Gioom: Yes, I have tried them and every time my account got banned because of it
    [20-5-2015 16:24:53] Gioom: so really strange that you can get it to work
    [20-5-2015 16:25:27] Grimmy Works: So you must have an account with neteller i hope
    [20-5-2015 16:25:36] Grimmy Works: Neteller cards do not work directly
    [20-5-2015 16:25:54] Grimmy Works: if you use in facebook directly, they ban your account just because they cant verify billing
    [20-5-2015 16:26:13] Gioom: Ok, so you don't put in the VCC but you use an alternative for that?
    [20-5-2015 16:26:21] Grimmy Works: Neteller -> Offshore card -> Facebook
    [20-5-2015 16:26:32] Grimmy Works: So that way, it would be easy
    [20-5-2015 16:26:50] Gioom: Ok, interesting.
    [20-5-2015 16:27:12] Gioom: And the accounts are also prefilled with account information?
    [20-5-2015 16:27:22] Grimmy Works: The accounts will be ready to go
    [20-5-2015 16:27:24] Grimmy Works: so upon order
    [20-5-2015 16:27:29] Grimmy Works: you get vps, account, virtual card
    [20-5-2015 16:27:31] Grimmy Works: and instructions
    [20-5-2015 16:27:37] Grimmy Works: and i will also give agency guy contact
    [20-5-2015 16:27:44] Grimmy Works: so for any issues
    [20-5-2015 16:27:47] Grimmy Works: they will solve it

    The idea was that we were going to work together. I would pay for the account and setup the campaigns, he would take a 5% fee on the spent.

    [21-5-2015 22:34:38] Grimmy Works: You know everything
    [21-5-2015 22:34:42] Grimmy Works: all you need is just touch up
    [21-5-2015 22:34:45] Grimmy Works: and little warm up
    [21-5-2015 22:34:48] Gioom: Yeah
    [21-5-2015 22:34:51] Gioom: But I mean
    [21-5-2015 22:34:55] Gioom: How do we get the account
    [21-5-2015 22:35:01] Grimmy Works: Yeah i am talking about that
    [21-5-2015 22:35:04] Gioom: and the example campaigns
    [21-5-2015 22:35:09] Grimmy Works: so initially we have to pay for it
    [21-5-2015 22:35:11] Grimmy Works: and order
    [21-5-2015 22:35:12] Grimmy Works: and then
    [21-5-2015 22:35:15] Grimmy Works: start working on account
    [21-5-2015 22:35:19] Gioom: yes
    [21-5-2015 22:35:23] Grimmy Works: So the first step would be
    [21-5-2015 22:35:26] Grimmy Works: to order for the accounts
    [21-5-2015 22:35:37] Gioom: How much is it exactly
    [21-5-2015 22:35:39] Gioom: and how do we pay it
    [21-5-2015 22:35:58] Grimmy Works: 1240€ and we can pay through neteller, bitcoins

    He keeps telling me how he is a VIP at neteller (like that is a big deal) and continues to convince me to put in the money

    [21-5-2015 22:51:12] Grimmy Works: Perfect, so today we work on accounts
    [21-5-2015 22:41:32] Grimmy Works: and then again
    [21-5-2015 22:41:35] Grimmy Works: on campaigns
    [21-5-2015 22:41:40] Gioom: Yes
    [21-5-2015 22:41:43] Gioom: Sounds perfect
    [21-5-2015 22:42:00] Gioom: Make it happen with your guy
    [21-5-2015 22:42:44] Grimmy Works: Perfect, so if you can able to add the 1240€, rest
    [21-5-2015 22:42:46] Grimmy Works: i can take care of
    [21-5-2015 22:42:51] Grimmy Works: like i can get things moving on
    [21-5-2015 22:43:04] Grimmy Works: And then later i can guide you how to use vps
    [21-5-2015 22:43:07] Grimmy Works: and all the stuff
    [21-5-2015 22:44:02] Gioom: Oh wait, I misunderstood, you want me to pay for the account
    [21-5-2015 22:44:08] Gioom: I thought you were taking care of that
    [21-5-2015 22:44:24] Grimmy Works: Well, i think regarding the campaigns
    [21-5-2015 22:44:27] Grimmy Works: i will take care of
    [21-5-2015 22:44:28] Grimmy Works: initially
    [21-5-2015 22:44:30] Grimmy Works: i mean
    [21-5-2015 22:44:32] Grimmy Works: for virtual card
    [21-5-2015 22:44:36] Grimmy Works: those costs are seperate
    [21-5-2015 22:44:44] Grimmy Works: and also for campaigns costs are seperate
    [21-5-2015 22:44:48] Grimmy Works: so i thought
    [21-5-2015 22:44:51] Grimmy Works: we split that way
    [21-5-2015 22:44:56] Grimmy Works: since overall i get only 5% on the spend
    [21-5-2015 22:45:23] Gioom: Yes, but now you want me to pay a lot of money to somebody I don't know
    [21-5-2015 22:45:26] Gioom: I don't even know you. ;)
    [21-5-2015 22:45:32] Grimmy Works: Yeah, thats true
    [21-5-2015 22:45:42] Gioom: For all I know I pay and I never hear from you again
    [21-5-2015 22:45:47] Grimmy Works: Well
    [21-5-2015 22:45:49] Grimmy Works: i am vip member
    [21-5-2015 22:45:50] Grimmy Works: in neteller
    [21-5-2015 22:45:56] Grimmy Works: i think i am quite reputed
    [21-5-2015 22:45:58] Grimmy Works: i believe:)
    [21-5-2015 22:46:06] Grimmy Works: well if you want to share account costs
    [21-5-2015 22:46:11] Grimmy Works: may be we can do that as well
    [21-5-2015 22:46:25] Gioom: Nah, it's just that I don't know anything about you
    [21-5-2015 22:46:32] Grimmy Works: yeah thats true
    [21-5-2015 22:46:34] Gioom: and I know there a scams going on in FB accounts
    [21-5-2015 22:46:39] Grimmy Works: yep, i know about that
    [21-5-2015 22:46:41] Gioom: I've been warned many times
    [21-5-2015 22:46:47] Gioom: So that's why I'm a bit sceptical
    [21-5-2015 22:46:50] Gioom: I hope you don't mind
    [21-5-2015 22:46:52] Grimmy Works: but one can easily find difference between a real deal and person who claims he can do
    [21-5-2015 22:46:55] Grimmy Works: i really dont mind
    [21-5-2015 22:47:01] Grimmy Works: even if you dont do, its not bit hard :)
    [21-5-2015 22:47:01] Gioom: Ok, good
    [21-5-2015 22:47:06] Gioom: hahaha
    [21-5-2015 22:47:12] Grimmy Works: well business is all trust

    [21-5-2015 22:50:06] Gioom: Can I fund Netteller with CC ?
    [21-5-2015 22:51:01] Grimmy Works: yes
    [21-5-2015 22:51:02] Grimmy Works: you can
    [21-5-2015 22:51:07] Gioom: Ok, good
    [21-5-2015 22:51:18] Gioom: Ok, send me the details for payment
    [21-5-2015 22:51:24] Gioom: And I will get it done by tomorrow
    [21-5-2015 22:51:34] Gioom: Cause my working day ends in 9 mins
    [21-5-2015 22:51:35] Grimmy Works: you can send payment to [email protected]
    [21-5-2015 22:51:46] Grimmy Works: Ok, if you can get it today it would be ideal, as tomorrow is friday
    [21-5-2015 22:51:49] Grimmy Works: so weeekend
    [21-5-2015 22:51:51] Grimmy Works: agency would be out
    [21-5-2015 22:52:01] Gioom: Hmmmm, ok... let me see what I can do
    [21-5-2015 22:52:02] Grimmy Works: sure
    [21-5-2015 22:52:06] Gioom: No paypal by any chance? ;)
    [21-5-2015 22:52:33] Grimmy Works: neteller is no fee
    [21-5-2015 22:52:36] Grimmy Works: and also accepted
    [21-5-2015 22:52:39] Grimmy Works: by my agency guy
    [21-5-2015 22:53:02] Gioom: Ok good
    [21-5-2015 22:53:16] Gioom: Maybe I will come back later tonight and make it happen
    [21-5-2015 22:53:20] Grimmy Works: perfect

    Obviously because it was so damn easy to get the first money out of money he now puts his A-game on to get more money of my hands (and it worked, sniff)

    [26-5-2015 11:36:22] Grimmy Works: same funding way
    [26-5-2015 11:36:37] Grimmy Works: using mastercard
    [26-5-2015 11:36:42] Grimmy Works: so if your cards are dutch
    [26-5-2015 11:36:47] Grimmy Works: we have to take a dutch account
    [26-5-2015 11:37:03] Grimmy Works: the card were from france, so the account was also from france
    [26-5-2015 11:37:19] Gioom: Aha, but do you think you can fix a dutch account with your guy?
    [26-5-2015 11:37:36] Grimmy Works: well in uk account, there is 2k spend limit, and there is one account from netherlands, that has 5k spend limit
    [26-5-2015 11:37:51] Grimmy Works: and one france with 5k spend limit
    [26-5-2015 11:38:03] Grimmy Works: so usually in netherlands, people require high spend limit may be
    [26-5-2015 11:38:19] Grimmy Works: because 1k and 2k, mostly less people use them
    [26-5-2015 11:38:24] Gioom: I don't know. but can you get that dutch account?
    [26-5-2015 11:39:20] Grimmy Works: yes, that one is 5k spend limit and it cost was 2760€, and it comes with netherlands card, vps, account with 5k spend limit. And billing will be done after 5k, so upto 5k, i think we dont need to spend money. For 2k, it costs was 1240€
    [26-5-2015 11:39:23] Grimmy Works: but uk
    [26-5-2015 11:39:25] Grimmy Works: dont work
    [26-5-2015 11:39:28] Grimmy Works: because facebook can find out
    [26-5-2015 11:39:41] Grimmy Works: so the agency suggested to use same country card
    [26-5-2015 11:39:47] Grimmy Works: and did you ever added your credit cards?
    [26-5-2015 11:39:51] Grimmy Works: before to facebook?
    [26-5-2015 11:39:54] Grimmy Works: we need a fresh card
    [26-5-2015 11:40:16] Grimmy Works: to add as backup
    [26-5-2015 11:40:21] Gioom: Hmmmm, yes, I used them with FB
    [26-5-2015 11:40:27] Grimmy Works: ok, you used all?
    [26-5-2015 11:40:31] Gioom: Yes
    [26-5-2015 11:40:32] Grimmy Works: in that case we have to use vcc
    [26-5-2015 11:40:34] Grimmy Works: and then
    [26-5-2015 11:40:36] Grimmy Works: fund
    [26-5-2015 11:40:42] Grimmy Works: vcc with credit cards
    [26-5-2015 11:40:54] Gioom: I guess I can apply for another CC from Amex but it won't a black card with no limit
    [26-5-2015 11:41:05] Grimmy Works: well upto 5k
    [26-5-2015 11:41:06] Gioom: That could also be another option
    [26-5-2015 11:41:09] Grimmy Works: we dont need card though
    [26-5-2015 11:41:11] Grimmy Works: but until that
    [26-5-2015 11:41:15] Grimmy Works: you have to figure out
    [26-5-2015 11:41:16] Grimmy Works: or we have to use
    [26-5-2015 11:41:19] Grimmy Works: but each time vcc bills
    [26-5-2015 11:41:23] Grimmy Works: it will be another 4%
    [26-5-2015 11:41:28] Grimmy Works: 3.9% i hope
    [26-5-2015 11:41:34] Gioom: why won't we need it up to 5k, what changes after that?
    [26-5-2015 11:41:37] Grimmy Works: so that would save some money if you apply
    [26-5-2015 11:41:48] Grimmy Works: i mean for the start if we buy an 5k account
    [26-5-2015 11:41:51] Grimmy Works: we can spend upto 5k
    [26-5-2015 11:41:54] Grimmy Works: after that
    [26-5-2015 11:41:57] Grimmy Works: we pay bill
    [26-5-2015 11:41:58] Grimmy Works: to continue
    [26-5-2015 11:42:07] Grimmy Works: i mean you will have time to
    [26-5-2015 11:42:10] Grimmy Works: get a new card
    [26-5-2015 11:42:15] Grimmy Works: or if you want to use old cards
    [26-5-2015 11:42:18] Grimmy Works: that will be another 3.9%
    [26-5-2015 11:42:19] Gioom: is the account funded with 5k ???
    [26-5-2015 11:42:20] Grimmy Works: fee each time
    [26-5-2015 11:42:39] Grimmy Works: Well, the account spending limit is 5k, so the billing threshold is high
    [26-5-2015 11:42:44] Grimmy Works: already an card is added
    [26-5-2015 11:42:45] Grimmy Works: into it
    [26-5-2015 11:42:52] Gioom: Ahhh I see
    [26-5-2015 11:43:06] Grimmy Works: and can you apply for a new credit card?
    [26-5-2015 11:43:08] Grimmy Works: as wel
    [26-5-2015 11:43:11] Grimmy Works: as well?
    [26-5-2015 11:43:16] Grimmy Works: or do you think we bear another 4%
    [26-5-2015 11:43:16] Gioom: I guess
    [26-5-2015 11:43:17] Grimmy Works: ?
    [26-5-2015 11:43:24] Grimmy Works: until new card comes in
    [26-5-2015 11:43:33] Gioom: we can figure that out
    [26-5-2015 11:43:35] Grimmy Works: yeah
    [26-5-2015 11:43:40] Gioom: but for now I really want to get my hands on that account
    [26-5-2015 11:43:43] Grimmy Works: so we can use 5k account
    [26-5-2015 11:43:45] Grimmy Works: and then
    [26-5-2015 11:43:46] Grimmy Works: start
    [26-5-2015 11:43:50] Grimmy Works: and then add backup later
    [26-5-2015 11:43:56] Gioom: do you think you can make it work that you get the account first and then I pay the remaining 1500?
    [26-5-2015 11:44:10] Gioom: Because I'm not really keen on spending another 1500 without seeing anything
    [26-5-2015 11:44:20] Grimmy Works: well the 5k spend limit account, after i order with agency, i get them and then i get delivered
    [26-5-2015 11:44:22] Grimmy Works: and i am afraid
    [26-5-2015 11:44:26] Grimmy Works: you didnt see the cost
    [26-5-2015 11:44:37] Grimmy Works: but then also backup card is must
    [26-5-2015 11:45:00] Gioom: We can all do that
    [26-5-2015 11:45:13] Gioom: But I just don't want to spend a small 2k without having anything
    [26-5-2015 11:45:16] Grimmy Works: However you can find out the costs in market for an 5k, everywhere the costs are nearly same.
    [26-5-2015 11:45:21] Gioom: without knowing who I'm paying etc
    [26-5-2015 11:45:21] Grimmy Works: I know, but all i can say
    [26-5-2015 11:45:22] Grimmy Works: is
    [26-5-2015 11:45:27] Grimmy Works: just a moment
    [26-5-2015 11:45:34] Grimmy Works: first thing is
    [26-5-2015 11:45:36] Grimmy Works: after we order
    [26-5-2015 11:45:39] Grimmy Works: in 10-15 minutes
    [26-5-2015 11:45:41] Grimmy Works: we get account
    [26-5-2015 11:45:42] Grimmy Works: and then
    [26-5-2015 11:45:45] Grimmy Works: you can start right asap
    [26-5-2015 11:45:47] Grimmy Works: and next thing is
    [26-5-2015 11:46:06] Grimmy Works: i am an exclusive vip member in neteller, so thats why i accepted credit card
    [26-5-2015 11:46:10] Grimmy Works: since i trust you
    [26-5-2015 11:46:12] Grimmy Works: and next thing is
    [26-5-2015 11:46:32] Grimmy Works: once you start campaign, you will only get confidence, because i want to get it moving, so we can spend daily
    [26-5-2015 11:46:39] Grimmy Works: and the profits start
    [26-5-2015 11:46:57] Gioom: Yes, but you have to understand that for all I know this could be a ripoff
    [26-5-2015 11:47:06] Gioom: And after my payment I never hear from you again
    [26-5-2015 11:47:06] Grimmy Works: It wont be, i can say that for sure.
    [26-5-2015 11:47:08] Grimmy Works: No
    [26-5-2015 11:47:09] Grimmy Works: it wont be
    [26-5-2015 11:47:12] Gioom: Do you understand my concern?
    [26-5-2015 11:47:14] Grimmy Works: just a second
    [26-5-2015 11:47:18] Grimmy Works: just a second
    [26-5-2015 11:47:33] Grimmy Works: one moment, just hold on
    [26-5-2015 11:47:36] Gioom: And I really have to go in a few min, i'm sorry
    [26-5-2015 11:47:42] Grimmy Works: yeah just 1 min
    [26-5-2015 11:47:45] Grimmy Works: please
    [26-5-2015 11:47:47] Gioom: Ok
    [26-5-2015 11:51:27 | 11:51:32 verwijderd] Grimmy Works: Dit bericht is verwijderd.
    [26-5-2015 11:51:45] Grimmy Works: i wouldnt risk if i do not want to get it going on
    [26-5-2015 11:52:04] Grimmy Works: I have done nearly 300k transactions, and close to next level, if i do with you, we can make longterm money
    [26-5-2015 11:52:11] Grimmy Works: that money is just small dine, compared to longterm
    [26-5-2015 11:52:32] Grimmy Works: And you will know more when we start today
    [26-5-2015 11:52:37] Grimmy Works: today you will get everything ready
    [26-5-2015 11:52:42] Grimmy Works: in an couple of minutes
    [26-5-2015 11:52:54] Grimmy Works: Then once you start, you will only say what is the right thing
    [26-5-2015 11:53:07] Gioom: Ok
    [26-5-2015 11:53:11] Grimmy Works: And give me bonus if you think what you thought was wrong
    [26-5-2015 11:53:22] Gioom: Can I have your full name and address please?
    [26-5-2015 11:53:27] Gioom: Just for my peace of mind
    [26-5-2015 11:53:35] Gioom: So I know who I'm working with

    Now he brings 'Mike' into the game:

    [27-5-2015 21:00:42] Grimmy Works: Yeah, i am trying to get some agency guys hold, who has clients with them
    [27-5-2015 21:00:54] Grimmy Works: because they know clients and how much they spend
    [27-5-2015 21:01:00] Grimmy Works: my guy is just not really good at getting them
    [27-5-2015 21:01:09] Gioom: Hmmmm, ok
    [27-5-2015 21:01:10] Grimmy Works: Mike manages like 100+ accounts
    [27-5-2015 21:01:14] Grimmy Works: i am trying to get hold of him
    [27-5-2015 21:01:17] Grimmy Works: my guy name is matt
    [27-5-2015 21:01:28] Grimmy Works: he just not very good
    [27-5-2015 21:01:47] Gioom: Hmmmmm, but he is good in taking care of us and make sure nothing happens to our account, right?
    [27-5-2015 21:02:09] Grimmy Works: Well my guy doesnt work in facebook, he just buy and resell, so i am thinking a direct way
    [27-5-2015 21:02:14] Grimmy Works: anyways
    [27-5-2015 21:02:17] Grimmy Works: my guy is good to help
    [27-5-2015 21:02:24] Grimmy Works: but i am thinking why paying him waste of money for nothing
    [27-5-2015 21:02:26] Grimmy Works: if we get some internal help
    [27-5-2015 21:02:31] Grimmy Works: we get campaigns approved faster
    [27-5-2015 21:02:40] Grimmy Works: and we dont get problems with cc/ad issues
    [27-5-2015 21:02:56] Grimmy Works: supplying accounts is an easy task, but managing them is what the important
    [27-5-2015 21:03:27] Gioom: Ahhhhh, but I thought your guy worked at FB, that's what you just said, right
    [27-5-2015 21:03:28] Gioom: ?
    [27-5-2015 21:03:38] Grimmy Works: No
    [27-5-2015 21:03:39] Grimmy Works: lol
    [27-5-2015 21:03:40] Grimmy Works: i said
    [27-5-2015 21:03:42] Grimmy Works: mike works in fb
    [27-5-2015 21:03:46] Grimmy Works: thats what i know
    [27-5-2015 21:03:50] Grimmy Works: my guy name is matt
    [27-5-2015 21:04:16] Gioom: Ohhhhh ok. but Mike is also going to help us, right?
    [27-5-2015 21:04:25] Gioom: Since he added me
    [27-5-2015 21:04:26] Grimmy Works: Nope lol, i dont even yet start a deal
    [27-5-2015 21:04:32] Grimmy Works: i just contacted matt
    [27-5-2015 21:04:37] Grimmy Works: and asked to give mike details
    [27-5-2015 21:04:39] Grimmy Works: and add me
    [27-5-2015 21:04:41] Grimmy Works: and you
    [27-5-2015 21:04:45] Grimmy Works: i said you were my partner

    Then I start talking to Mike, a little introduction follows and then it's on to business:

    [27-5-2015 21:33:31] Mike: Since matt has already got account, but we need to make it as an agency account which will avoid billing issues, and fees would be 1350₤ for the initial start, and every month for 1 account, the fee would be 2650₤. And you get 10 profitable campaigns per month update
    [27-5-2015 21:33:51] Mike: We have around 100+ accounts where big clients spend atleast 100k a month
    [27-5-2015 21:34:00] Mike: We know what they spend, and what campaigns.
    [27-5-2015 21:34:46] Mike: You need to have accounts with major cpa companies
    [27-5-2015 21:35:04] Mike: So that you can just change your url.
    [27-5-2015 21:35:16] Gioom: One moment, I'm on the phone.. i'm sorry
    [27-5-2015 21:39:47] Gioom: OK, I'm back
    [27-5-2015 21:40:26] Gioom: Ok, the accounts with major CPA companies are not a problem
    [27-5-2015 21:40:47] Mike: We would support you without having any problems with accounts. We help in getting ad approval.
    [27-5-2015 21:40:53] Gioom: So you're saying that to work with you we need to pay an additional 1350 pounds to even get started
    [27-5-2015 21:41:08] Gioom: And we would never lose an account? Or do we get a new one then
    [27-5-2015 21:41:17] Mike: To get started that is the fee, and with that, you get campaign and you will never lose account
    [27-5-2015 21:41:22] Mike: and you get support with billing
    [27-5-2015 21:41:32] Mike: You wouldn't need to lose an account
    [27-5-2015 21:41:42] Mike: If you want to do multiple campaigns, you can go with multiple accounts
    [27-5-2015 21:41:45] Gioom: How would the billing go. Can I use an normal CC or do we need to get VCC or what?
    [27-5-2015 21:41:52] Mike: You can use an normal cc
    [27-5-2015 21:41:54] Mike: and we get it approved

    Here Mike also needs more money from me to get started. And again it worked. :-/// And then he also tries to put Bitgrimmy out of the game.. uh huh...

    [27-5-2015 21:44:04] Mike: Ok, that sounds good.
    [27-5-2015 21:44:19] Gioom: Yeah, it all sounds good, only thing is that I really can't afford another 1350 pounds.
    [27-5-2015 21:44:29] Gioom: We started at 1250, then it became 1400
    [27-5-2015 21:44:34] Gioom: sorry 2400
    [27-5-2015 21:44:40] Mike: I do not know what price you had an discussion.
    [27-5-2015 21:44:45] Gioom: And now we need another 1350 pounds
    [27-5-2015 21:44:51] Gioom: Plus the fee
    [27-5-2015 21:44:59] Gioom: What about this:
    [27-5-2015 21:45:18] Mike: So you can go ahead with matt then, since you already spent a quite.
    [27-5-2015 21:45:29] Gioom: We start on the account. You help me out and give me 1 or 2 good profitable campaigns. The moment money comes in we make a nice deal!
    [27-5-2015 21:45:35] Mike: However for the fee, we can make negotiations for months
    [27-5-2015 21:45:44] Gioom: Yeah, but I want to be on the safe side plus I need your campaigns
    [27-5-2015 21:45:53] Gioom: True
    [27-5-2015 21:46:26] Mike: Well, i am sorry but atleast initial if you can add 900₤ as an fee, i can be ahead of this. I have to pay my colleague as well. So its not an one man job.
    [27-5-2015 21:47:21] Mike: And next month onwards, i can may be negotiate an fee, unless you get profitable campaigns.
    [27-5-2015 21:47:30] Gioom: Hmmmmmm.... Man, this is taking a LOT of money before I even get started, pffffff...
    [27-5-2015 21:47:49] Gioom: Plus Steven also needs his cut
    [27-5-2015 21:47:58] Gioom: so the campaigns have to be REALLY profitable
    [27-5-2015 21:47:59] Mike: How much does he charge?
    [27-5-2015 21:48:09] Gioom: We're still negotiating
    [27-5-2015 21:48:17] Mike: Cut steven out of this deal.
    [27-5-2015 21:48:19] Gioom: Depends on who's doing the work
    [27-5-2015 21:48:26] Gioom: No, he has my word
    [27-5-2015 21:48:27] Mike: I dont know what is steven job
    [27-5-2015 21:48:32] Gioom: I never break promises
    [27-5-2015 21:48:34] Gioom: nev3r

    Then his fees come into play and he needs EVEN more money, and yes... I also paid that. :-((((

    [27-5-2015 22:11:26] Mike: then it is fine.
    [27-5-2015 22:11:30] Gioom: Ok good
    [27-5-2015 22:11:40] Gioom: OK, so onto the business
    [27-5-2015 22:11:52] Gioom: I pay 900 and we can get started right away?
    [27-5-2015 22:11:58] Mike: yes, it would be immediate
    [27-5-2015 22:12:02] Mike: we are into business
    [27-5-2015 22:12:04] Gioom: Ok
    [27-5-2015 22:12:06] Gioom: sounds good
    [27-5-2015 22:12:09] Gioom: except
    [27-5-2015 22:12:29] Gioom: I've capped my Mastercards paying the account
    [27-5-2015 22:12:38] Gioom: Neteller doesn't accept Amex (where I have no limit)
    [27-5-2015 22:12:47] Gioom: So, it seems that I'm done for this month
    [27-5-2015 22:12:53] Gioom: Or I have to figure out something else
    [27-5-2015 22:12:57] Mike: You can fund through different method i guess
    [27-5-2015 22:13:02] Mike: do you have option of only master card?
    [27-5-2015 22:13:13] Gioom: yeah, or visa but I only have MC
    [27-5-2015 22:13:23] Gioom: you don't accept Paypal by any chance?
    [27-5-2015 22:13:23] Mike: Ok, thats unfortunate.
    [27-5-2015 22:13:32] Mike: No, we do not work with paypal
    [27-5-2015 22:13:34] Mike: Sorry about that
    [27-5-2015 22:13:40] Gioom: Hmmmmm...
    [27-5-2015 22:13:44] Gioom: Then I have to be creative
    [27-5-2015 22:13:52] Gioom: Maybe the bank can up the limit for once
    [27-5-2015 22:13:58] Gioom: I can give them a call tomorrow
    [27-5-2015 22:13:59] Mike: But this is strange, i heard neteller allows a lot of options for deposit
    [27-5-2015 22:14:12] Gioom: Yeah, true
    [27-5-2015 22:14:16] Gioom: I've also added my bank account
    [27-5-2015 22:14:27] Gioom: But it needs to be verified and that could take upto 7 days
    [27-5-2015 22:14:31] Gioom: and it only has been 2
    [27-5-2015 22:14:40] Gioom: So either that or the MC
    [27-5-2015 22:14:54] Gioom: But I guess it has to be done within 2 days max
    [27-5-2015 22:14:55] Mike: But does western union allows your amex?
    [27-5-2015 22:15:00] Mike: or moneygram?
    [27-5-2015 22:15:06] Gioom: I have no idea
    [27-5-2015 22:15:15] Gioom: Never used any of those
    [27-5-2015 22:15:31] Gioom: I'll have another look at Neteller and see what I can do
    [27-5-2015 22:15:34] Gioom: What is your address?
    [27-5-2015 22:15:36] Mike: sure
    [27-5-2015 22:15:37] Gioom: for payment
    [27-5-2015 22:15:49] Mike: you can send to [email protected]
    [27-5-2015 22:16:10] Gioom: Ok noted
    [27-5-2015 22:16:26] Gioom: Ok, well, I guess I have to figure out a way to pay and let you know when it's done
    [27-5-2015 22:16:29] Gioom: And then go from there
    [27-5-2015 22:16:37] Mike: Sounds good.

    Payment is done

    [28-5-2015 12:26:16] Mike: Hi, i can see that you have sent 839 pounds
    [28-5-2015 12:26:35] Mike: We have fixed an price for 900 pounds
    [28-5-2015 12:26:49] Gioom: Huh
    [28-5-2015 12:26:58] Gioom: Well, it wouldn't let me send pounds
    [28-5-2015 12:27:03] Gioom: Only euros
    [28-5-2015 12:27:09] Gioom: But I used 2 sites to convert it
    [28-5-2015 12:27:10] Mike: you can select an option while sending money
    [28-5-2015 12:27:17] Gioom: even with Neteller itself
    [28-5-2015 12:27:23] Mike: you can send in any currency
    [28-5-2015 12:27:24] Gioom: And it came to 1222 euros
    [28-5-2015 12:27:33] Gioom: Hmmmmm
    [28-5-2015 12:27:36] Mike: I can see that it was 839 pounds
    [28-5-2015 12:27:41] Gioom: Weird
    [28-5-2015 12:27:53] Gioom: let me check
    [28-5-2015 12:27:57] Mike: sure
    [28-5-2015 12:28:18] Mike: and you also have option while sending
    [28-5-2015 12:28:22] Mike: to select currency
    [28-5-2015 12:28:26] Gioom: You are right
    [28-5-2015 12:28:27] Mike: you have to select gbp
    [28-5-2015 12:28:30] Gioom: Alright
    [28-5-2015 12:28:33] Gioom: No problem
    [28-5-2015 12:28:50] Gioom: I'll send you the remaining 61 pounds
    [28-5-2015 12:28:53] Mike: Ok
    [28-5-2015 12:28:54] Gioom: Hold on
    [28-5-2015 12:30:56] Gioom: Done!

    Then ANOTHER ripoff takes place:

    [28-5-2015 14:46:10] Mike: But how much have you been paid to matt?
    [28-5-2015 14:46:22] Mike: I thought it is 2350£
    [28-5-2015 14:46:33] Gioom: No no, euro's
    [28-5-2015 14:46:46] Mike: Ah! Gotcha.
    [28-5-2015 14:47:06] Gioom: First it was 1240 euros
    [28-5-2015 14:47:10] Gioom: then 2350
    [28-5-2015 14:47:26] Mike: Because the account costs were same, and matt has informed you have paid around 2350
    [28-5-2015 14:47:31] Gioom: Yes
    [28-5-2015 14:47:33] Mike: ok may be you have paid in euros
    [28-5-2015 14:47:42] Gioom: Yes, that was agreed upon
    [28-5-2015 14:47:44] Mike: But then the account cost will be in pounds
    [28-5-2015 14:47:52] Gioom: No no no
    [28-5-2015 14:48:08] Gioom: From the begining it was very clear that it was all in euro's
    [28-5-2015 14:48:14] Gioom: And I'm not paying anything more now
    [28-5-2015 14:48:23] Mike: Have we discussed euro?
    [28-5-2015 14:48:34] Gioom: I have to cap all my cards and Im out of money now
    [28-5-2015 14:48:36] Gioom: Yes
    [28-5-2015 14:48:39] Gioom: absolutely
    [28-5-2015 14:48:44] Mike: Can you please show me an message please
    [28-5-2015 14:48:54] Gioom: omg, please tell me this is not happening
    [28-5-2015 14:48:58] Mike: As i believe i never discussed euros
    [28-5-2015 14:49:01] Mike: I can say it
    [28-5-2015 14:49:03] Mike: From start
    [28-5-2015 14:49:13] Mike: Because we told from the beginning
    [28-5-2015 14:49:19] Mike: We never had costs
    [28-5-2015 14:50:04] Gioom: This isn't working for me
    [28-5-2015 14:50:07] Mike: involved in euro
    [28-5-2015 14:50:11] Gioom: The 1240 euros where high to begin with
    [28-5-2015 14:50:20] Mike: Well, i never know what price have you discussed
    [28-5-2015 14:50:22] Gioom: Now we're looking into 3500 euro's or so
    [28-5-2015 14:50:26] Mike: But then i have told clearly from the start
    [28-5-2015 14:50:26] Gioom: I'm not going to do that
    [28-5-2015 14:50:41] Gioom: No no, 900 pounds was ALL that was needed to get going
    [28-5-2015 14:50:46] Gioom: Just read back
    [28-5-2015 14:50:46] Mike: yes, that was my fee
    [28-5-2015 14:50:48] Mike: and i told you
    [28-5-2015 14:50:54] Mike: that i have to pay to others
    [28-5-2015 14:50:57] Mike: I am not asking my fee
    [28-5-2015 14:51:01] Mike: Now i am not asking money
    [28-5-2015 14:51:02] Mike: I dont know
    [28-5-2015 14:51:07] Mike: why you are thinking
    [28-5-2015 14:51:36] Gioom: I'm taking SUCH a big risk here paying money to a lot of guys I don't even know
    [28-5-2015 14:51:45] Gioom: I'm not spending another dime before I have my account with campaigns
    [28-5-2015 14:51:48] Mike: Yeah i can understand
    [28-5-2015 14:51:48] Gioom: And we can go from there
    [28-5-2015 14:51:52] Gioom: Else, I'm pulling out

    [28-5-2015 15:07:24] Mike: if you can hit us before office time, we can get this working on either refund or get start
    [28-5-2015 15:19:46] Mike: And i would like to inform that, if you can do 480₤ now and if you agree to pay rest 480₤ including the card price after couple of days(Once campaign started and you spent atleast 5k). We can get started immediate.
    [28-5-2015 15:21:03] Mike: I can confirm that there will be no other costs involved and no other charges here after.
    [28-5-2015 16:48:14] Gioom: Ok Mike. You have convinced me, you seem thrustworthy
    [28-5-2015 16:48:14] Mike: Thanks you for having trust on us
    [28-5-2015 16:48:34] Gioom: I'm going to try to pull a rabbit out of my hat which is the 480 pounds
    [28-5-2015 16:48:37] Gioom: and go from there
    [28-5-2015 16:48:52] Gioom: But I have to be creative to fund my neteller since everything is capped

    Then everything fell apart and I found out about the same IP's bitgrimmy and FB 'mike' were using and it all got quiet after that. I tried chatting, calling but nothing worked except for a few messages from bitgrimmy that it was really not a scam, but hey, he still got my money and I don't think he has any intentions of refunding me.

    Also Mike never responded anymore after my last message where I told him he fell through.

    [29-5-2015 12:22:48] Gioom: Mike, this isn't going to flyMike, this isn't going to fly
    [3-6-2015 15:06:36] Gioom: How's life at FB?
    [5-6-2015 0:38:24] *** called Mike, no answer.
    Sending videomessage ***

    From June 2nd, everything was quiet.

    I really really need my money back. I can't believe this happened. I desperately hope somebody overhere can help me get my money back. Besides for the apprecation I will pay you the bonus that I mentioned in my first post.

    Ps. I've attached screenshots from the payments.

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  5. OldSalt

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    IT Sys Admin
    US, East Coast
    minklink has now also been notified he has 48 hours to respond.

  6. eestisiin

    eestisiin Regular Member

    Oct 8, 2007
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    I got contact with him and im waiting for a solution now!
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    Last edited: Jun 12, 2015
  7. OldSalt

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    bitgrimmy and minklink have both been perma-banned.

  8. Gioom

    Gioom Newbie

    Jul 28, 2014
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    Oldsalt, thanks for that. Unfortunately it did not help me. Still not a single response from either Bitgrimmy or Mikefin84 on Skype. They were only constantly when it all happened and now they're always offline.

    If anyone has any tips how to retrieve my money that would be greatly appreciated!
  9. OldSalt

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    Gloom, what exactly were you looking for me to accomplish? You got into a PM deal with a guy who joined about 9 months ago, created 54 posts that counted in the following 45 days and hasn't even logged in since December. Then you proceeded to chat via skype and sent him over € 4000 with absolutely no safety net in place. I wouldn't even send that kind of money to people I knew without some kind of assurance that I am actually getting what I paid for - You sent it to a stranger... well, 2 strangers.

    I did the only thing I could do - I approved the SL and I contacted them. They chose not respond so I banned them. That's where my involvement ends. We are not the Internet police, we are moderators and admins. If you wanted your money to be safer, you should have worked with people who you knew better - or maybe started with something smaller than having to send € 4000 before you see anything from it.

    I am sorry that you were scammed - but it's up to you to have more caution before sending your money that you worked hard for.

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  10. Gioom

    Gioom Newbie

    Jul 28, 2014
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    Oldsalt, ohhh no, please don't get me wrong, you don't understand how much I appriceate the effort you took to even approve this thread. I don't expect anything from you or the members here. I'm so sorry that it came out wrong!

    I just meant that even the banning did not move him/them to take any action of some kind, that's why I am kind of sad.

    Of course it's all my stupid fault. I really don't know what got into me when I paid 4k to guys I have never seen or even talked before. It was an expensive lesson to be learned.

    But I have not given up just yet. I've put some thing in motion that hopefully will help me. We'll see. But in the meantime I'm really grateful for your help and the members that PM'ed me! Thanks guys!!
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