Same IP for Hundred+ Websites with Same and Similar Keyword Niches?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ta1212, Apr 23, 2012.

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    Would you have 100+ with very similar/same niches on the same IP / Dedicated Virtual Server plan, or is this straight-up SEO suicide? Many have said that it doesn't matter because then Google would be penalizing tons of people on shared plans, but this scenario is a bit unique in that all of the sites are in the same or very similar niches.

    This client has 100+ websites, in the same, or similar niches. (mostly same). Each website is different in terms of it's design, content..ect, but has similar traits here and there. If Google manually reviewed it, they'd likely see the similarities, as this company is generally "featured" or at the top of most content within their mixed-content pages. The pages all do look very legitimate though. Nicely designed, original content.. ect ect.

    Many of them dominate the entire first page of Google for certain medium-hard keywords.

    They do NOT use Google analytics or webmaster tools.

    I've kept a close eye on their rankings, sharing an IP hasn't affected them thus far. However, as their portfolio of websites increases quite rapidly, I thinking it's time to diversify to be safe?

    I've done IM for quite sometime but had never seen anyone amass this amount of domains on one IP who had been so successful in SEO.

    What has been your experience with this situation?