Sales Tips for Web Professionals- Relationship Building!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oct 29, 2015
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Hi everyone,
I've been receiving alot of questions related to sales techniques so I thought it might be a good idea to start posting a few tips that I teach in my sales seminars for web professionals.

Relationship Development and Maintenance

First Contact

BEFORE you have that fateful first sales conversation with the decision maker of a business (make sure from the start that you are indeed speaking to the decision maker), do your best to find out as much as you can about the person. A GREAT tool to gather intel on your target is LinkedIn. Just type their name or business in to the LinkedIn search engine and you will have access to their work history, groups they belong to, projects they worked on, their favourite hobbies and most importantly, people you have in common.

Introduce yourself in your most conversational voice, let them know that you have done them the courtesy of doing an analysis of the website/SEO and that you are certain that you can improve what the target currently employs.

Then ask the most important question of the sales cycle..... "So, tell me about your business...."

Shut Up and Listen

Customers LOVE to gush about their business and personal accomplishments. Great! Let them. Every word that comes out of their mouth will provide you with more pieces to the puzzle of the closed sale. The worst thing you could do at this time is open your mouth and interrupt this gold rush of information. Sit quietly, listen to every word, write down any juicy tidbits, and only speak when the customer ISN'T speaking.

Great questions to ask when the customer stops speaking are "How did you start all of this?", "How long have you been in business", "What are your goals for the year?", "Is this your ONLY business?", "What's your understanding of SEO" and "Do you have a designated marketing budget?". These are great "Qualifying" questions that will give you all you need to connect with your customer, determine their needs and position up-sells.

Lets Be Friends

Customers with an emotional stake in their service provider are far easier to up-sell and far less likely to use anyone else thus vastly improving your customer retention. It's often as simple as learning the names of their family members, sending them a $20 gift certificate to the movies on their birthday or doing small web tasks for them for free stating that you are giving them "friend prices".

The best way to not only retain your current customers, but also gain new customers is to cultivate a strong and growing group of RELATIONSHIP BASED customers. As long as you treat them like GOLD they will become your brand ambassadors!! telling anyone they know that could possibly need your services and bragging to all about the savings they get from your friendship. When other web professionals try to sell to your customers, the only reply they will get is "no thanks, we have a family friend that takes care of all that for us......bye....."

Relationship sales takes practice and not all web professionals have the ability to foster such relationships (Sorry, but it's the truth). Int hose cases, it's probably best to have a trained sales professional develop these professional relationships for you.

Thx everyone for reading. If you found any of this useful, let me know and I'll continue to post more sales tips for all of you.


*** I'm a technology sales professional and trainer with over 22 years of technology and web sales experience and 15 years as an executive technology sales trainer. I'm also a weekly lecturer of Digital Marketing at the University of Waterloo ***