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  1. KHR

    Enterprise SEO: Planning Your 2020 SEO Strategy

    Hello BHW, I have found the article informative & can help in your SEO Strategy. So I shared this here. Read the Article here: Thanks
  2. Bajanman

    Sales Tips for Web Professionals- Relationship Building!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi everyone, I've been receiving alot of questions related to sales techniques so I thought it might be a good idea to start posting a few tips that I teach in my sales seminars for web professionals. Relationship Development and Maintenance First Contact BEFORE you have that fateful first...
  3. Jure321

    Digital Agency as a part of e-commerce website?

    I once saw someone here posted a link where some guys had a Digital Marketing agency website and posted content reviewing cameras and stuff from Amazon which ranked well and made them some extra money, not sure how much. So I was wondering would it be possible to start an agency as a part of...
  4. M

    Advise for strong 'SEO agency' software to share with client the SEO progress?

    Hi Guys, A question for those who do SEO to clients, Besides search console, is there cool software I can have my client to login and allow him to see SEO reports on his keywords progress? (possibly other things like new links and new etc) i'm looking for something impressive but...
  5. Magic_Man

    From 0$ to 100,000$USD/monthly - Lead generation agency

    Hey there, I'm 20 years old, and I graduated from high school in Canada June 2016. 2 weeks after I graduated I snuck into a corporate party in a nightclub, and got offered a social media assistant job from a guy who was creating a web design/social media agency. The job lasted 6 weeks, and...
  6. Titans

    【Raging Results】⏩Unleash the power of Blogger Outreach⏩DA/DR 50+✅Traffic 20k+⚡ SALE IS ONNN! ⚡

    ★★★★★ Check the traffic growth & reviews of our Clients ★★★★★ ================================================================================= Site 1 Boom in organic traffic & 350% growth within 6 months 6 competitive keywords were in 1st Position Site 2 Boom in...
  7. PauloPaul

    White Hat, Great Results, Non Spun Relevant Content, Agency Quality- Unique on BHW!