Reviews on using Massplanner for a long time

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    Dec 14, 2016
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    Hey guys,

    I am finally using the Massplaner. This program is awesome and I am very confident at the moment.
    But now I am asking myself if it's possible to use the massplanner for a long time, especially in connection to Instagram.

    The reason I ask is that i get a lot of traffic from Instagram and I don't want to miss this in future.
    In know someday I will have enough followers, but more is better and in my niche it's good to tell the people "Hey, you might not recognized it, but this offer exists! Visit us."

    And this is the point. The commenting function of the Massplanner is gold to me.

    Now my question to you:

    Does Instagram notice my behaviour if i will do this in future?
    Are there any algorhythms you know about which could detect my long time behavior?
    I run Massplanner only with save settings I think.

    Settings per day:

    max. 350 likes
    max. 120 follows
    max. 90 comments (20 different)
    max 290 unfollow
    automatic sleeping times over night 8 hours
    1 post per day

    My account is 2,5 months old.

    Thanks for reading.
    Would be great to her from you.:)