[Review] PaidBacklinks.com Scam - Never Fall For It!

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    Hi there,

    this thread is just a fair warning for all backlink buyers out in the world. Never ever fall for Paidbacklinks. It is pure shit and someone has to warn for it. In this thread is nothing to do for the mods, nothing to regulate, this is just for the sake of my fellow blackhatters here.

    Lets begin:

    Their claims (keep them in mind if you read further):

    So I took their medium deal with $97 to test the waters. What I now experienced was the badest thing ever.

    See my evidences:

    1. Link Loss
    Now after three months of the campaign (with nearly no results), I checked how much of my links are still alive. As a blog network they should remain:


    From 690 Backlinks there are still 309 online. A big loss for a private network if you ask me. Not talking about indexed or not, only if they are live.

    2. Afraid to get discovered?

    If you click on one of the report links in the backend you see the following:


    One question: If it is your own network, or a network you are allowed to use for dropping links, which reason is there to anonymize the referrer?

    3. Quality?

    The links from the blogs are total crap:


    Do you want to see the links pointing to your clients, for example from totally unrelated anabolica sites? Dropped without any relation into spun content, often full of spam comments with pornlinks?

    4. Even less Quality?

    If you try to check some of your links you will often see this picture (if you use the same antivirus tool as me):


    Links from sites that are flaggeed for malware? I also saw completly hacked blogs, and blogs where the link insertion looks so unnatural that I ask myself if they are hacked to insert the links.

    5. Payment

    Do you want to get billed further, even if you cancel the subscription?

    I used the service end of december. So my credit card was billed in january:


    This is okay. I ask myself why the added taxes to my order, if the seller is outside of the EU, but okay - I payed for it and didnt complain, because it was not worth it. Could be okay. I am not in this tax thing.
    I cancelled the subscription in safecart, if I login I dont see any open subscriptions.

    Today, three months after my purchase I see the following on my card:


    They charged me simply again! The is absolute ridiculus. It cant be an open subscription, as there was no payment in the last month and I am NOT subscribed. So they charged january (which was correct), charged NOT in february, and charged AGAIN in march. This smells very fishy to me. I wrote both (safecart and paidbacklinks) and am waiting for response.


    If you want links from very bad blogs, which disappear quickly and reduce to less then the half after some time, want to be charged again somewhere in the future without any subscription or running service, want links from sites that are flagged for malware, then use paidbacklinks.com. If not stay away and warn your friends and fellow SEOs that do outsourcing.
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    Thanks for the warning. What you experienced, in terms of being billed even after canceling the service, is exactly the reason I use pre-paid credit cards for things online, so when i cancel something, it STAYS canceled.
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    I use a citi card or my amex as both are REALLY easy to file a dispute for whatever reason I give them and the follow through is great.

    Another thing I do is take screenshots of confirmation emails and/or pages showing I cancelled their service and note the dates and times. This helps in the event the dispute escalates you have proof of cancellation.

    I would honestly file a dispute and dispute all the charges if you can. If they are a scam like you said they will probably never respond to their merchant and you will get your money back.