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Sep 16, 2010
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What does this software?

1. Scrape keywords (from google, amazon, clickbank, etc). Able to scrape google on 139 languages.

2. Check traffic potential

3. Analyse competition (response time, facebook count, google count, twitter count, pinterest count, linkedin count, in title, in url, Pr check, domain age, index count, backlink count, domain backlink count, alexa count, etc)

How is this software different than the competition?

In most aspects it is not. Most good softwares analyse similar aspects and work in a similar way.

The things that we find different are the speed and the competitive price.

What's in it for me?

For 24 hours you get to search, scrape and analyse keywords that you can use.

1. Read this post entirely. If you want to know more about the software, before testing it yourself, you can check our sell thread here.
2. Opened for members with +100 posts.
3. Post on thread if you are interested to review the software. I will PM you the details.
4. Post your honest review in 24-48 hours after you get the review copy.
5. Enjoy.
Thanks for the approval Apricot.

Post bellow to get your review copy guys.
I am not having 100+ posts but will post honest Review, if you select me for this Keyword Tool review copy.
I want to review your software.

Thank you
Interested in reviewing this tool as well
I am just searching something like this,very interested,count me for this tool to test,Waiting for your PM
Sent PM to eligible members.

Spots are still opened.
Looking efficient thread. I am interested to see other mates' review on this.
If this is still available i'd like to try it and see how it does compared to a few other tools that I currently have at my belt, maybe i'll switch LTP, who know.
Please include me if I am eligible. Will post a very honest review if you give me a chance.
Been looking for a software like this.

Thanks in advance!
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