Requesting help. Desperately.

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    Hi friends,

    Me and a few of friends started a entertainment blog 2 years ago. The decision was based on passion. None of us knew how to make a site or how to run it. We read it online and made it on wordpress. We are trying to develop it as an entertainment e-magzine for INDIA.
    Our team has excellent writers, editors and comic artists but nobody with a technical background.

    My problem is, even after 2 years of continuous posting and promotions, we don't get the desired amount of traffic and hence no adsense earnings whatsoever. This has lead to discouraging many of our contributors and has made it difficult for us to survive. Our competitors get 100 times more traffic than us even though their content is far inferior. This has led to a gradual disenchantment for us guys.

    I don't even know what whitehat/blackhat SEO is. I stumbled to this forum through google. I will give these stats for a better picture.

    1) Genre- Entertainment (humor, Movies, Music, politics)

    2) Traffic- 100-150 avg daily

    3) Earnings- $21 or something till now. :p

    4) SEO tools used- All in one SEO plugin. Facebook paid promotions. Posters.

    5) No. of posts published- 362 till today. No fake posts. Each and every post was written, edited and published by the editors.

    6) Site URL- I will withhold it as I am not very aware of the forum posting rules. Will send it to you as a PM or mention it here if it's ok with the mods.

    Need some genuine help. Please let me know if you need additional information. Looking forward to replies.

    Thanks in Advance!