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    Online reputation management is an very hot up and coming aspect of the internet
    services industry that if done properly can end up making you look like a genius to your

    Why is online reputation management important?

    With the world turning more and more to the internet for information one needs to have
    a complete variety of information from various sources so as to lay out a foundation of
    positive information, to give those interested in you an idea that there are a lot of
    individuals and groups that have encountered you and were pleased and finally to make
    any negative stuff get off the first pages of the search engines.

    A multitude of different sources with positive reviews and information will give the
    buyers of your clients products or services more of a reason to do business with them as
    opposed to the company that has a thin positive background.

    How do you sell a client?

    First thing is you have to create a sense of need for the client as many people have not
    even thought of that as an industry.

    Share with them some of these facts:

    Almost nobody uses a telephone book to find a number or a business anymore. You
    may see them used in very rural areas where the internet is spotty but that is few and far
    between. Also many families do not even have home service so they do not get one
    delivered as it was in previous times.

    So they got to the internet to look up a phone number or to find a particular type of
    business. If you have spotty things on the internet or if you have very little on the
    internet that lauds and applauds the client and the competition has a handful or even a
    bunch guess who has the better shot at getting the business?

    The other guy.

    If you have had an issue and are listed on a site such as you need to
    bury that negative information with a slew of positive information from a variety of
    places. There is no way to stop others from posting negative stuff on the social media
    platforms either so you need to counter that even if it has not happened because chances
    are at some point someone will come along and post negative things and that will cost you money.

    Rare is the business owner that is fine with the competition taking money out of his cash
    register... in fact I would go past rare and say there is not one out there.

    Google, Bing and the other search engines are the new telephone book and they are a
    thousand times more comprehensive that a phone book ever was and a thousand times
    more effective.

    Spending your advertising dollars on a yellow page ad is a kin to buying ads and posting
    them on the inside of your back yard fence... the only person that is going to see that is
    you and your not the demographic you are targeting.

    I bet that you didn't know that 80% of the searchers research online before buying in an
    10 - 20 mile radius. 80%!

    Where were cell phones 20 years ago?

    We had them but they were extremely limited in their functions. You could make a call
    or you could receive a call... sometimes.

    Today cell phones are everywhere and they have a plethora of functions. The mobile
    advertising industry is exploding exponentially with all the functionality of the current
    smart phones and the internet is searched more on a cell phone than one would imagine.
    There are over 1.2 billion (Yes, BILLION) mobile web users world wide and it's not all
    fun and games. Over 50% of the people use their mobile phone to choose a
    restaurant, a car dealership, a bank as well as any other business or industry you can
    think of and if you are not online and online is a positive way you are potentially
    missing out on tens of thousands of dollars.

    With about 7 billion people in the world you could be missing out on 1 of every 7 person
    that is looking for your business per the US Census Bureau as of March 27th, 2012. Do
    the math and figure out how much more revenue your company would have with an
    increase of 14% more customers.

    80% of the people use the internet to research before buying in a 10 - 20 mile
    radius and over 50% of those people are using a mobile device.

    And that is today as the mobile market is only going to get bigger.
    Mr./Mrs./Miss Business owner, get on board and get on board fast.
    How do we go about giving a client solid online reputation management?

    Google Places.

    Get your client listed on Google Places ( firstly. Google Places
    ranks incredibly high and it is possible for buyers of your clients products or services to
    leave reviews. When setting up the Google Places listing be sure to add in images,
    video and every other field available. The more complete the listing the better it will
    rank. Also make sure that the description has in it the Keyword you want to rank for as
    that does indeed matter as to ranking about the other guys.

    Black hat method if you choose:

    Once you have the listing in place you then add a variety of reviews using assorted
    Google accounts and different IP addresses. Drip feed the reviews over a period of time
    and randomize the times the reviews are left as well as the time between reviews.

    White hat method if you choose:

    Tags. Google now sells advertising for your Google Places listing and calls them tags
    and it is essentially a little yellow arrow below your listing. You can point that to a few
    different things but your best bang for the buck is going to be pointing that to the posts
    that Google allows you to have... the micro blog posts of 100 characters. You'll see a
    small box on the top right hand corner that you can add your posts and will display the
    first 22 characters of your Google Places listing and if someone wants to read the rest of
    the post they have to click through to your places page.

    Why is that good?

    Change the post daily... make it interesting enough that people will come back and see what you
    have going on now... a new product line, a new service or a special on
    something that day/week can draw people to your places page often and leave nice
    reviews for you because of the value you are offering. Remember the majority of the
    people online are not aware that you are actually doing all you can to market your

    A complete Google Places listing with images and video and a bunch of positive reviews
    will get your site higher up in the places listing and the places listings are almost always
    on top in Google.


    Get your client listed on linkedin and submit the url to Google and backlink the url as
    well. Be sure to set your profile to public so the search engines have the opportunity to
    crawl it. Set the url to be Now you want to optimize the
    page using all the fields and semi keyword stuff the page so it is piced up by the linkedin
    searches as well as Google and the other search engines. I also typically hit the profile
    with backlinks as well in order to make sure that it is treated a bit better than your
    average optimized profile.


    If Facebook was a country it would be the 3rd most populated country in the world. Get
    your client on FB and get his page active and make it public. Add content on a regular
    basis and backlink the FB page. Have his FB page print on his receipts and have a link
    to it from his main site. If he advertises on local media make sure that he mentions his
    FB page in the advertising... in short make it an active page so that it ranks in Google.
    An active FB page will trump a lot of other pages online and works wonders for
    Reputation Management.


    If you are not using YouTube for your clients you are doing them a serious disservice.
    YouTube Videos can be ranked quite easily and can grab 10% of that first page real
    estate on Google without much effort. Make some nice videos for the client lauding and
    applauding him or his company, tag that video with plenty of long tailed keywords, e.g.
    shop at Joe's Store, deals at Joe's Store, Joe's Store Hours etc.

    After you have the videos up for a week or so then get some views to them (fiverr!) as
    well as hit it with some mild backlinking. I would not get more than 40 50 views a week
    initially. Don't blast it with Xrumer or ScrapeBox or some such thing... hit it with some
    Wikis or other mild backlinks. Get those links indexed suing your favorite service such
    as and wait a while.

    Once the videos are up for a month or so then you can do some real SEO to them and
    push them into the front page of Google. Slam them with scrape box blasts if you want
    and continue to add views and you'll see them take over page 1.

    These Videos are yours and not your clients so make sure that you have them in a
    channel that you own. If the client fails to pay you have the opportunity to take them
    down in one fell swoop or if the client wants to own them at some point you have
    another income opportunity.


    If he does not have a twitter account he needs one yesterday. Set up an account for him
    and send out tweets on a regular basis. Be sure to mention Joe's Store in the tweets as
    you are tweeting away. Just as with FB, make sure his clients are aware that he has that
    twitter account and get them to follow him once they find out. It's not real hard for him
    to get those kinds of followers if he has special offers for only those that are on twitter
    and can bring in the "special coupon code" for discounts and deals.

    In addition to the legit followers get many others using the variety of techniques that
    folks use to get followers (best one is to follow others and they usually follow back).
    Build the account up so that there is a little army of followers and retweeters and you'll
    see some of that build his reputation online.

    Be sure to backlink those tweets also.. you can just toss them in Scrape Box if you want
    along with your FB and Myspace pages. Use a LOT of different anchor texts when you
    are doing that though so as not to leave any kind of silly footprint.


    Myspace, seriously? Yeah, seriously... set up a myspace account and make it content
    rich as well as keyword rich. The account should, of course, be and
    treat it similiarly as you were the FB page except don't worry about his clients seeing it
    because nobody really cares... except Google. Myspace pages can rank very nicely in
    Google and that is one more piece of front page real estate that you can grab without a
    ton of effort at all.

    Web 2.0 Properties

    Do not forget the power of Web 2.0 properties when doing online reputation
    management. They can certainly rank and will absolutely "clog" up the search engines
    for your clients. s a great way to have a lot of positive
    information on your client in Google et. al. and you do not have to be content heavy
    which is real nice. A 700 - 800 word article that is keyword rich and uses h1, h2 and h3
    tags as well as the <strong> tag for the keyword (your client's company name) goes a
    long way in protecting your client.

    Don't leave it at that though... update those properties on a regular basis with new unique
    (spun is fine) content and be sure to backlink the content as well. An active Web 2.0
    property can rank very nicely for a long time and links to it would seem very natural to
    Google IF it is updated periodically.

    How many Web 2.0s should you build?

    As many as it takes but you would be well served by 40 - 50 and be sure to hit all the
    usual suspects... Wordpress, Blogger, Hubpages, Squidoo etc.

    Article Directories

    Article directories do not have the clout they used to have and for good reason as they
    were used and abused by folks for years but they do have their place in the reputation
    management society. People still go to them to read articles... with a proper keyword
    rich well written article you can still rank and if you have no outbound link in the article
    you are better yet.

    Write a 700+ word KW rich article discussing the pros businesses similar to Joe's Store
    and submit it to without the name of your client in the title. Do not
    mention Joe's Store at all in the article but make it a generic article about that industry.
    In the Bio or Resource box you can be promotional and get Joe's Store in there 2X. The
    longer the article the longer they allow you to have for your resource box so keep that in mind.

    Once you have the article in Ezine, spin that puppy and put it in a tool such as AMR and
    publish it everywhere you can making sure it is spun properly.

    Press Releases

    This is quite possibly my favorite method of reputation management because it is so
    easy and looks so good to a client. Write one decent length press release about an aspect
    of the business (700 - 800 words... seeing a trend yet?) and make sure the title has the
    Joe's Store in it and the keyword density is 1.5 - 1.9% in the press release. Submit it
    initially to You'll need an account there and you'll need to use a legit email as
    they do not allow throw away emails for account sign ups.

    When you set the account up they allow you to choose a city, choose New York as you'll
    get a better ranking in Google as well as set up a "Press Room" to have your press
    releases published. When publishing the article they allow you to choose 3 categories.
    Those categories you are going to choose are Advertising, Banking and Finance as they
    get the most run on that site and will rank better because of it.

    Write a nice business profile using your keyword and put that in the the business profile
    section and be sure to add in keyword rich tags. Also in your summary be sure that you
    have Joe's Store in there as well so that you get that little extra keyword bump. As to the
    summary many people just grab the first paragraph of the press release and that is such a
    waste of opportunity. Don't be lazy, write a little summary as it only takes a few minutes
    and will aid in ranking the PR.

    From here you can submit the same press release to a variety of free PR sites or do what
    I do which is put it in the best spinner and get a bunch of unique press releases out
    there.. some will rank and some won't as that is the nature of the beast.
    Rinse and repeat this process on a regular basis.

    EMD Domains

    Exact Match Domains seem like a no brainer but is often overlooked in the reputation
    management industry. Buy each and every extension as well as any reasonably expected
    misspellings for your client.

    Be sure to buy the .mobi extension and absolutely, positively, 100% make sure that you
    make the site functional on an ipad, droid and a smart phone.

    Build the sites with proper on site SEO and do minor off site SEO for them and you
    should be golden. What I have found to be very effective is to have a site that is not
    very thin like you see out there but a 15 - 20 page site so you have opportunity to rank
    your clients' inner pages as well as the root domain. Again h1, h2 and h3 tags as well as
    the <strong> tag for his name or company name.

    Again I would go with longer articles (700 - 800) words as well as add in images that
    are named the company name as well. Images rank as well so use that as part of your on
    site SEO. Imbed your YouTube videos in the pages as well and backlink the inner pages
    as soon as you make them.

    If you are using Word Press (which I suggest) to build the sites be sure vary the theme
    for each one and do not have the same plugins on each site and host them on different
    IP addresses as well and use a huge ping like the one that is offered here for free:

    You own the sites, not the client... he is renting them. If he wants to own them you have
    an opportunity for additional revenue once again.

    I brought up specific sites like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and such as specific sites but
    you want to expand that if the above is not cutting it for your client. You want to do the
    same with Flickr, Tumblr, Technorati, Digg and all the assorted social bookmarking sites
    as well. Some of the social bookmarking sites may only rank for a short period of time
    and that is fine since you are going to be building the other sites for long term benefits
    and you will need some short term rankings to help out as you are building your long
    term sites and the more your client sees his name online the merrier he will be.

    So basically what you can see happening is that we are generating a bunch of unique
    content and placing that content on different platforms taking up all the real estate you
    possibly can and hiding any "bad" information that may be out there on the internet that
    is hurting your client and affecting his income.

    Be sure to have NO OUTBOUND LINKS on any of the properties you are building no
    matter how tempting it is. You are not doing SEO you are doing reputation management
    and outbound links will take a bit away from the strength of the sites. You want to take
    up as much real estate on the first few pages of Google for your client and you want as
    much of what you write to be positive as well as informative about his business.

    Save every link that you build on every site whether it is one that you own (the EMDs)
    or any of the properties that you build for him on other sites.

    At random various times send backlinks to them, hit them with social bookmarks, throw
    them in an indexing tool so the bots revisit, scrape box blast them with a huge variety of
    anchor texts... the actual anchor texts are not overly important as much as it is important
    that the backlinks "remind" Google that the sites are not orphaned and that people are
    interested in what is written on them and want to share them with friends and family the
    world over.

    This is probably more of an outline than a specific method and you'll find other ways to
    add to the process I use and should certainly implement them as you serve your client.

    Want to DL this? Go here:

    It's a PDF file and you can feel free to share it with others of course.

    I'd also love to hear other ideas as to Rep Management so we can all expand our knowledge there.
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    I'm not too certain how this works, but I hear it advertised on XM radio while listening to Fox News so they are obviously targeting people/businesses with money so that must mean that it isn't cheap.

    But, like the post said, the fear will cause they to take interest in the service as it is not hard for them to quickly do a company search and see what others are seeing.
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    BTB Strikes again!
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    Last ORM thread I read mentioned something called Shadowmaster... can anyone elaborate?
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    The active management that BTB is talking about, where you push down bad results with good results is quite pricey. As an example, one of the most famous players in this field is - this is their pricing for it: - starts out at $3k/year and all the way up to $15k+
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    In the world of finance, asset management, banking, corporate finance $15K a year would be a god-send to keep a reputation high when you turn over 8 to 9 digits revenue in clientele. Some firms I used to work for would make $20-$50M PER DEAL! But you get one, and I mean ONE negative knock in the financial industry, you're done, nobody trusts you.

    That why most of the big hedge funds and family offices for asset management refuse to even have a web presence now. One loose cannon blogger can blow your whole firm.
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    Right, but is mainly targeted at individuals, to most people $15k on reputation management is a lot of money.
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    Targeted at individuals??? Maybe that is true but that is never the impression I've got. In the world of Facebook and Twitter and other opportunities to make a fool of yourself, I can't imagine an individual using the service.

    Now, I do believe that they are targeting locations where the decision maker may be watching/listening/reading. I don't think you will find them advertising during Judge Judy.
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    Interesting, myself and some others tried this once (though before I discovered BHW), but more from the angle of a law firm. That's where the money is, charging to send legal notices to hosting companies, having the sites deindexed, etc. It's definitely not the only way to do reputation management, but teaming up with a lawyer is a profitable method. I think black hat reputation management is a pretty solid euphemism for spam as well haha
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    $15,000/year is not a lot depending on the value of the client or the level of bad repute online. I don't know why you guys think it is. It's not like you would charge a small restaurant $15,000/year, but you would charge that to a client who does high-dollar deals and really needs a good reputation.

    Besides, stop looking at the $15,000 number. That's only $1250 per month. That's on par with a lot of your standard professional SEO packages out there. Considering the SEO involvement of many ORM strategies, that is a very reasonable number.
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    Excellent post as usual BTB.

    I'd be interested in hearing if anyone is doing reputation management for their own name. Currently there is precisely zero info about me on Google but I have been considering doing some proactive rep management, just in case.
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    This is a great explanation about rep management and how to do it, and BTB shared it straightforwardly. I usually have to download an ebook or compressed files to read about rep management but now I can read it easily on BHW. Thank you so much!
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    Don't I know that? Been trying to track you down for weeks.
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    Another keeper from one of the most generous people in SEO. Awesome!
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    Israel. it's in the middle east and full of nutter
    Can I sell it? :p great post, trying to find out if there is a need for rep. mang. where I am.
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    He who laughs last, laughs longest.
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    That is actually how I came about learning what little I know about reputation management... a person close to me had an issue with someone and I did the above to clean it up. That person now owns the first 3 pages of Google for their name and I am expecting that they will own that real estate for a long, long time.