Recommend blogging platform

I guess it depends on your level of experience, and how serious you are about blogging.

I've seen some blogger sites with years worth of content (click baity posts) that are mainly promoted through Facebook.

Been thinking about starting one of those...
I think WordPress is the best choice for blogging. It has so many plugins and themes, and you can customise your blog as per your needs.
Wordpress is the best platform for bloggers. Its abundant features offered via plugins and themes make building your blog relatively easy .
Thank you for the suggestions, all of you! I will take those platforms into consideration. Also heard good feedback from other blogger beginners regarding WordPress.

Reddit and Google blogspot seems like good idea too. Wasn't familiar with Wix but sounds interesting that it's best to use it of audience is primarily women.
Depends if you want to host it yourself or host on another platform. If you are hosting yourself then Worpdress all the way. If you want others to host it then
I see, thank you for your insight! WordPress is indeed a great platform for blogging. I'd consider using if I need others to host my domain. :)
I use for my blogging needs. I took a course to teach me exactly how to use it. I didn’t even know they offered one. The course also gave me the templates to make it super easy to get it up and rolling!
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