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    I want to receive pingbacks on my static sites.
    Here is why:
    I submit articles (with my links) to blog networks and I want to know where trey are posted. (The blogs sent pingback to pages where to links)

    The target pages (where I want to receiving pingbacks) are .htm, html or php.

    I will insert the link code into the header for autodiscovery. (eg.:
    <link rel="pingback" href="" />)

    You have to write the "pingback-server.php"


    • Must be very fast
    • All the received pinbacks have to write into a csv, or tsv file or into a mysql db. (the number of pingbacks will more than 10k)
      If the script write the data into mysql, I need a script for the management (read, delete....) as well.
    • Not encrypted files
    Working on the project, payment etc.

    • If you have any question please ask it here on the thread, don't pm me
    • If you have any what is working, please show me.
    • If yoou want this project, please make a post on this thread and pm me with your price, timelime, references, etc.

    • If I will choose you, you have to write the script, install it on your site and I will test it with some blogposts.
    • If the script is ok, I will pay you via paypal.
    • You will send me the scripts with instructions.
    Thats all.
    (ps:I will share the script with BHW maybe)
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