php coder

  1. bestspinner

    twitter bot

    i need twittter bot in php, let me know if you can code this. reply below and dm
  2. GringoMonkey

    PHP File Download

    Hi, I have some php files I wish to download from someone elses server, but they seem to be protected. Looking for someone to download the actual useable files not the protected ones. Send me a pm and I will send you the link to the download directory. GM
  3. omar abdi

    [Looking to hire] clone some api script a site using

    Hello if you are php and API dev I have a small job. I give you a sample of how it works to a live site using the same method btw its private cant post the link here Dm if your interesting. ofc can copy and past his codes but the .PHP files are hidden and need some programming too the site...
  4. thump226

    Need php developer asap

    need php programmer for a SaaS i have. it needs updates and a few tweeks. Its a Facebook automation tool looking to start as soon as possible... payments by paypal pm me
  5. Captaintj

    Looking for a PHP developer

    Hi guys, My dad has a company that does management work for Sport systems. We had a guy working for $370 a month. He was an Indian, so the prices were fair. He had to leave due to family financial problems, so we are looking for someone new. Please let me know if you're interested. Thank you
  6. C

    I Need Help About Socio Quiz

    Hello Guys, I have Installed Socio Quiz with Nulled Script i have a issue on it. When users share result on facebook user profile image not showing. I made with less budget and i am new here so guys please help because i have no 2nd options to solve my issue. please check & help.. Script -...
  7. social1

    Looking for a Coder

    Hey, guys, I am looking for a coder to help me with some different front end/back end projects. The first one we need to be done is a simpler one. Basically what we need is someone to build out an image submission service for our website. 1) We want creators to be able to submit content...
  8. R

    WTH PHP Expert familiar with Clickbank

    I need a database, list or whatever created with my clickbank affiliate id's each with their own unique identifier. Example: cbaffi:joecash unique indentifier:1234567 cbaffi:marymoney unique identifier:8910111213 Then a script created that will capture the cbaffi parameter that is being...
  9. tryagain2day

    Needed: Experienced Wordpress/WooCommerce/PHP Developer to grow with

    Tasks: PHASE 1: 1-2days (bug fixing adding missing fixes and support) 1. I am in the growth/SEO phase; getting traffic, customers, and sales. Conversions are THE priority. I need a store which converts. Quantifiable A/B testing with google analytics code is mandatory 2. Develop the following...
  10. T

    Looking for a professional who is knowledgeable in PHP scripting for emails

    Hi All, I am looking for a professional who is knowledgeable and has experience in PHP scripts especially from an email stand point and understanding and usage of MySQL and integrate PHP and MySQL. Must have knowledge on headers, SMTP, Encryption standards etc. Please mention your contact...
  11. C

    [php script] Need Facebook Video Downloader

    Hi, I have Google for almost the whole week for the script to download video from Facebook but couldn't find the working one. Anyone have a working script and can share with me? thanks
  12. KHR

    PHP Bot Creator ?

    Hello, I am looking for Email Scraper that Scrape Emails from Specific Website or Links. Then Send Emails using Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail/Aol SMTP. Features: IP Integration SMTP Rotation Message Rotation If you can Create this type of Bot Please Comment Here. I will PM you. Thanks
  13. intakeitall

    I need a PHP Coder to Align my Ads Properly.

    As the title says, I need a PHP Coder to align my Ads Properly. I'm using a torrent proxy script and as stated in the config file it states that "Add your custom Codes Here". Problem is I have added my ad codes in but I can't never seem to align them properly. To understand more on where I want...
  14. T

    Web design seo php programmersand s

    Looking for seo specialist, php programmer/coder and someone good with shopify and magneto themes. Looking to work asap. No India freelancers. Add me to skype teamav8
  15. Bulkfollows

    Looking for PHP Coder for Twitter Script

    I am looking for a PHP Coder.I need to create a Twitter script . Please send me your S k y p e ID or post on this thread,so we can talk about it more. Thanks
  16. Ray Rolls

    You Know PHP & Can Do Quick Fixes Then I Need You.

    Ok so I purchased a clone product of upworthy . com for a domain I have. I get the product and install it and there are some code issues. I need someone who can fix the code issue -which is not allowing me to post, and can modify the site to allow some advertising space and pages. I purchased...
  17. S

    Advanced PHP expert needed

    I'm in need of a PHP expert that also has a strong understanding of Twitters API. looking to build an automated script. PM me or add me on skype for more info: b.linden2
  18. L

    Need a form page/list

    I need an easy task. Simple page with a form where you paste a tweet with less of 140 characters and choose randomly and automatically from a list of users to mention (without repeating) and it fills until it's 140 characters and generate multiple textarea's next to a tweet button Php/jquery
  19. J

    Looking for experienced php coder / designer from india for matrimony site

    Hello, I am looking for very experienced php coder and web designer can able to built matrimony site. Details will be provided in skype chat. PM me with your skype id. Thanks
  20. Bostoncab

    Need some changes to this plugin if anyone can help.

    Need some changes to this plugin if anyone can help.
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