1. phpbuilt

    xmlrpc blog poster in PHP with built-in article spinner

    Someone asked me to share this so I figured I'd just post it here for everyone. This is an XMLRPC poster that has a built-in spinner. You can supply spintax to the title, body, excerpt and it will spin them and post via xmlrpc to any wordpress blog, including wordpress.com, your own hosted...
  2. B

    Receiving pingback php

    Hi, I want to receive pingbacks on my static sites. Here is why: I submit articles (with my links) to blog networks and I want to know where trey are posted. (The blogs sent pingback to pages where to links) The target pages (where I want to receiving pingbacks) are .htm, html or php. I will...
  3. R

    PLR and autoblogs

    Hi I have a question. I would like to setup some autoblogs for link building to my money sites (blog farms) I have 2 options - host the autoblogs in my hosting and use plugins with rss etc (I am already doing that). - use a free platform like wp mu or blogger or wordpress and start an autoblog...
  4. T

    LFE: How can I automate posting / content?

    BHW Members, Does anybody know a way to automate sending content to a bunch of (Link Farm Evolution) LFE blogs? I saw that you could enable XML-RPC (I think that's so you can email posts to your blog). I am wanting to gain backlinks by being on the blogroll, so the content doesn't...
  5. undeterminederror

    Blog Farm third party Wordpress MU !

    There is a lot of info about auto blogger blogs, but i didn't find something about free wordpress blogs without plugins (the ones you don't host). :confused: I'll keep this short: First search for wp mu: "wp-login.php" after registration go to "Settings" -> "Writing" activate the...
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