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    My ebay has gone down in flames so now is the time to get started on something new.

    Ebay was a simple dropship from china of consumer electronics, mp3 tablets phones etc.

    This time what I am looking to do is to set up a blog, documenting how I started to sell on ebay, along with the plans I had to expand into other markets. I found a lot of the places i was looking to move my business into offer affiliate programs, so I will be aiming to market these services through the blog along with in forums and email and facebook and twitter.

    I am also waiting on a sim card to sign up to internetmodeling as an agent. Has anyone here worked with them or does anyone recommended another company?

    I am also planning on getting some site templates on shopify and other turnkey services.

    so that's a brief overview of what im looking to get started with. But I do have some questions, these mainly relate to seo and ranking pages. If you have any pages bookmarked that have a breakdown of what you need to make sure your page ranks on google quickly or some keywords that will enable me to find relevant info on how to increase the traffic, searching through google is hit and miss as i am not 100% sure of what I am actually looking for.

    the financial goal is to make $3,500 a month, I understand it takes time to build up traffic to reach this goal but the aim is to be within range of that goal within around 3 months. Is the goal going to be possible or should I be aiming lower?

    Also in regards to the blog, is there any benefit of using wordpress over just building the site myself?

    As with my last journey I will set up a journey page once I have the details and particulars worked out, and will be updating as I can.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for the advice.
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