Ranking improvement over 3 months-case study

Sep 26, 2022
Well, let’s start from the start.

Two and a half months ago, I decided to start building links for my 1 month old money-making page and do some more side jobs on top of that in order to rank higher.

The page itself (in my opinion) looked awesome; it had decent text and nice images as well, but at the moment it didn’t have any inner or outbound links connections.

But before we step forward, I should note that my budget was around $500, as well as the fact that I didn't want to rush spending it blindly.
So accordance with the budget, I wanted to get some links with RD20-100 niche edits; of course, I consulted with my “link builder”, and thankfully he accepted the job ( also I would like to mention that I work with a really professional link builder with over 5 years of experience in this field).
Besides links, I also hired some content writers to get about 9-10 relevant blog posts for purpose of building more inner links for this page and connecting it with the rest of the site’s silo.

So as time passed on, I was posting one blog every week, and a drip feed page with 1 link every 3-4 days so I could avoid a bad footprint in Google’s eye.

As you can see in the chart, the ranking continues to go smoothly, and in the last few weeks, this page has had 20 clicks on average. For the next month, I will raise the budget to around $600 for link building and again $100 for post writing.
My goal for the next ranking period (next month probably), is to add 15-20 more links in the RD100-400 range, see how they work, and hopefully bring 10-20 more clicks on daily bases.

Of course, I was in charge of on-page SEO, keyword selection, target anchor text regarding links, and much other stuff for this “mini” project.
And the last thing, there are screen-shots from GSC, excel with links information, and last but not least, ahrefs backlink analytics.
If you need more information about this or something else, feel free to contact me, honor is mine. Cheers!


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