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Dec 2, 2008
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I have an example logo which I would like recreating for my blog. Please see the 92pixel logo attached.


I would like something similar to this design for CDiving.com. Size should be the same with a transparent background as in the example.Vectors should be used so I can resize as needed.

So the blue box would probably contain the C and then Diving outside the box in the same style as the example with .com in smaller writing. Maybe in white or some other colour. Whatever you as the designer feel works.

I would then like Commercial Diving Magazine written in full along the bottom or wherever it fits well. Additionally I had an idea that maybe a blue/white wavey line could go across the bottom or something similar. This is because CDiving is a diving website so the wavy line would indicate water.

I would like it to be very simplistic with quality design (shading, strokes, drop shadows and inner shadows should all be well thought out). I am actually a graphic designer myself and capable of doing this however I'm fairly busy building the site so thought I'd outsource this. So please only bid if you feel you can do this to a high standard, it's a fairly quick and simple job if you are decent in Photoshop/Illustrator.

I would like all project files upon completion although you may retain an image for your own portfolio if you wish. You should also let me know the name of the font you decide to use in case I need to make any changes.

If you cannot find the font in the example, something similar is acceptable. You are free to add some artistic interpration if you wish to and have an eye for it. I would like the blue above the I's as seen in the example as I think this will look good but as with most things it's difficult to know until seen. The wavy line is also open to interpretation if you have a better idea but it too should be simplistic.

I have already had a quote from this designer and am hoping for the standard of quality seen here:


If you are looking for an alternative font the one seen in this tutorial would be acceptable, although I can't find the name of it.


NOTE: The final logo will be on a grey background and if you view this attached image on anything other than black you will see there are drop shadows involved. Please include these as when the logo is seen on the grey they will be visible. I'm actually using the same WP theme as seen on

Thank you for reading. Good luck!
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